Monxton EGM

The Extraordinary General Meeting for Monxton is scheduled for Friday 26th July at 6pm in Monxton & Amport Village Hall. Sir George Young MP will be in attendance, along with representatives from Test Valley Borough Council and Alpine Group. Everyone is welcome and please do come and support your village for the traffic issues that affect us all.

4 comments on “Monxton EGM

  1. Peter Parfrey says:

    I feel I must express my disappointment regarding the EGM last Friday.
    I have actively lobbied elected members and council officers regarding traffic issues since before the original 30 limit was introduced and I genuinely believed from reading the published agenda that there would at last be a chance to raise those issues in public, preceded by a short presentation from Monxton villagers representing the concerns of the whole village.
    In the event, the 15 minute presentation was from the perspective of one section of the village and went on for so long that the rest of the agenda had to be abandoned, and there was no time for the promised general discussion and questions. This overrun was aggravated by the speaker and his neighbour constantly interrupting the guest speakers and monopolising the dialogue.
    Whilst I agree with many of the points made, the “visiting dignitaries” could be forgiven for coming away with the impression that the views expressed were those of the whole village, and that no traffic problems existed west of the crossroads.
    The excellent work done so far by the Parish Council to raise the profile of the long standing traffic issues in the village must represent the village as a whole, and meetings must be conducted in a way that allows the `quiet majority` to make their view known.
    Perhaps not a wasted opportunity, but nor was it one we made the


    • Ewan Harris says:


      I too am disappointed that you feel this may have been a wasted opportunity. If you wish to address form over substance then I did stick to the time given to me in the agenda. If you wish to raise your concerns about the management of the meeting then I suggest you direct these to the MPC and the chair, who is responsible for driving the agenda.

      I have read your latest post which is very informative and raises extremely valid points about traffic management. I look forward to attending the next MPC meeting and hearing you raise this publicly.

      Please do get in contact with me if you have any other points you wish to discuss in the aftermath of the EGM. Mike Cleugh has my number.

      Kind regards

      Ewan Harris


  2. Peter Parfrey says:

    Thanks for the reply Ewan, last line should have read, “but nor was it one we made the most of”.
    My recollection is that your presentation lasted for at least double the allocated time of 15 mins.
    Regarding your second point,I have already spoken to members of MPC re the running of the meeting, however it makes it extremely difficult for any chair when those who shout loudest constantly interrupt the speakers and engage in ongoing dialogue which is not directed through the chair.
    I sincerely hope that at future meetings we will all work together
    Thanks for your positive comments regarding my other post, and I trust that any recommendations put forward will reflect the views of the village as a whole


    Peter Parfrey


  3. Marcus Tebbutt-Ford says:

    An excellent presentation last Friday, thank you. Things need changing and changing quickly. As discussed at the meeting, a working group should be formed so that their findings and recommendations can be presented to the PC for onward submission. I am putting my hand up right now to be a part of that team. Let’s have a deadline for forming the group, and requisite composition of it.


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