Alpine Group Manor Farm Potential Development & Move

Monxton PC recently arranged a meeting between TVBC Planning and a company called Corporate Property Solutions, who have been appointed by Alpine Group to address two planning challenges – one to obtain outline planning permission for a development of a limited number of acceptable properties at the Manor Farm site, situated between Monxton and Abbotts Ann, and secondly to find a suitable location for a new factory for the steel fabrication business at the site.

Corporate Property Solutions have been having difficulty obtaining any interest from any builders due their scepticism regarding the potential of getting planning permission at this site and they had therefore requested a meeting with TVBC to obtain their views on the likelihood of permission being granted. MPC and APC have already provided written confirmation that they would support a sympathetic development of a limited number of mixed units.

The meeting was held at TVBC office on the 8/11/13 with Paul Jackson, the Head of Planning at TVBC, who confirmed that the application was supported by TVBC in principle, due to the representations of Monxton and Abbotts Ann. He would also be happy to write to Corporate Property Solutions to confirm TVBC’s support, so that the various potential building firms who are nervous about committing money to a project would be re-assured and would have a level of confirmation that the various councils would NOT object to a reasonable development balancing the number of units with the cash generation required to cover the migration of the Alpine business to a new site.

Villagers should be re-assured that this in effect gives Monxton and Abbotts Ann Parish Councils a significant role in determining the future development on the site, in collaboration with TVBC and we are also supported by HCC Pat West and TVBC Ward Councillor Ben Few Brown.

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