Monxton & Amport Village Hall – Proposed designs

In response to your feedback from the 2015 questionnaire, the Village Hall Committee, in consultation with local architect, Clive Spencer, has come up with some improved designs for the new look Village Hall. Full planning permission has now been granted for this proposal (TVBC 16/01869/FULLN)

MAVH elevations

MAVH side rear elevations


The plan is to make the Village Hall as environmentally-friendly as possible, and therefore also reduce our running costs and overheads. We are proposing the following:

  • Replace the ageing boiler (which is the same age as the hall and runs on red diesel!) with an energy-efficient air source heat pump (ASHP). This extracts warmth from the air, passes it over a heat exchanger, and heats the hall, either with warm air (air to air source heat pump) or low temperature radiators. Underfloor heating is unlikely to be a viable option without significantly more funding. An ASHP also benefits from the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payment, which will cover the cost of the heat pump and a little more, with 7 years of payments.
  • Add an insulating hemp and lime render to the exterior of the hall. We propose a hemp insulating material (renewable, captures carbon, breathable) and a breathable lime render. Firstly this will be like having a large duvet wrapped around the hall and keep any heat we generate in for longer. Secondly, it’s breathable and will not cause any possible damp issues. Thirdly, both lime and hemp are renewable and eco-friendly options, unlike cement or some modern insulation materials. Fourthly, the lime render can have a colour pigment added and therefore never need painting.
  • Make the roof a large electricity generating area – with either photovoltaic (PV) tiles or panels. If we use panels they will be inset into the roof and we aim to have them as unobtrusive as possible. PV tiles or slates match seemlessly with their non-PV equivalents. This will not only give us free electricity during the day (and at night if we invest in the new battery technology that’s coming out later this year), but we shall also benefit from the Feed In Tariff, which sells all our surplus electricity (deemed on average 50%) generated back to the National Grid. This will provide an ongoing income for the hall.
  • Possible rainwater harvesting to be used for flushing toilets and washing. If properly filtered we can use the rainwater for drinking water as well.
  • The new roof will have plenty of insulation, most likely exceeding building regulations, to keep the heat in. All windows will be double or possibly triple glazed.
  • We will be fitting LED lightbulbs throughout the building.

Below is the existing floor plan.

MAVH floor plan - existing

We propose to extend out, along the south elevation, towards the fence line. This will allow us to enhance the ‘service areas’ for the hall – kitchen, toilets, entrance, storage etc.

Proposed Ground Floor Plan:

MAVH grd floor

Proposed First Floor Plan:

MAVH 1st floor

  • We will then be able to offer a large, more practical kitchen, which will be better suited to serving meals at the hall, and offer more storage for the necessary equipment. The kitchen will be accessed without having to go through the hall first.
  • We will have a dedicated disabled toilet, along with two ladies’ toilets, and a mens’ toilet.
  • There will be a large entrance hall area, with room for coats and umbrellas, push-chairs or wheel-chairs, and a reception for ticket sales etc. The stairs for a possible second storey will also be here.
  • There will be a large changing area next to the stage. This will be dual purpose and possibly be a community cafe area too. We have proposed two options – one with large, south-facing windows, and one with standard windows.There will be a small storage area off this room (to the rear of the hall) for tables and ancillary items.
  • The proposed second storey will be most suitable for small meetings and gatherings, where a large hall is not necessary. This is also enable us to rent out both rooms at the same time, as both will be able to access the kitchen and toilet facilities without encumbering other hall users.
  • We propose to install wifi and make the second storey room suitable for business use.

Time and again the Village Hall Committee is asked about more parking. We have improved the verge outside Monxton Manor immeasurably, and this now provides parking for up to six cars. Four cars can park immediately outside the hall. More cars (6-8) can also park along the fence line of the field. We hope to improve this area, with permission from both Hampshire Highways and the landowner, but it’s a hope, not a certainty. We also have additional parking at the pub car park.

Ultimately, we cannot create more parking. And we actually have more parking than other village halls in the vicinity. But because this is not something we can do much about (easily or cheaply) we are therefore looking to focus more on local use from Monxton and Amport residents, who can therefore walk or cycle to the hall (we would like to add a bike rack).

So unless someone can come up with a realistic proposal for more parking, it’s not something we can improve upon.

2 comments on “Monxton & Amport Village Hall – Proposed designs

  1. Caroline Unwin says:

    As one of the organisers of the Moviola film evenings, the one thing which would really benefit us is for the ceiling to be raised. This would enable us to put the screen at a higher level and allow us to show films with sub-titles. It would also improve the view of the screen for the whole audience as, unlike a cinema, we obviously haven’t got raked seating.

    I assume you are also considering ways of increasing the amount of parking space which is not really adequate, particularly if you are intending to hire out two rooms at the same time.


  2. Thanks Caroline. The raised ceiling is certainly something to take into consideration. We have discussed may options for increasing the parking, but none seem to be feasible or possible. Do you have any suggestions please?


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