Village Hall – a proposed new era?

village hallMonxton & Amport Village Hall has served Monxton well over the past half century, and Amport since it joined in 1998, but the Hall is now in much need of an urgent makeover in order to be compliant with current regulations. So far the Hall Management Committee have managed to set aside £10,000 as a contingency for repairs to the main hall roof and a replacement boiler, as both of these are well over their life span, but further funds will be required in the very near future to keep abreast with changing times.
MAVH is also now up against serious competition, as over the past few years other Community Halls in the area have been built and refurbished and this has resulted in a number of our regular hall users moving to newer and better-equipped halls. Those groups that have recently left MAVH include baby sensory classes, yoga and band practice. Unfortunately this means that the Hall is not earning sufficient income to maintain overall operating costs. So consequently any future improvements to the Hall will not only have to reduce such costs but must also comply with the Village Design Statement as the Hall footprint is within the conservation area.

Over the last few months the Committee has been working very hard to identify funding sources and, with the help of Community Action Hampshire and Test Valley Borough Council, will be applying for suitable grants, as well as carrying out local fundraising. The work (dependent on the option chosen) could be considerable; somewhere in the region of £120,000 – £150,000! (To demolish the current hall and build a new hall will require around £250,000 – and is an option if we are able to raise the funds.) However, the grant-funding bodies need to be certain their money is well spent, not only for the benefit of the local community but also the wider area, and therefore want to know that our community actively supports and endorses this work.

Parking: Whilst everyone would love to have more parking at the Village Hall, we are unable to provide it, which is why we’re trying to focus more on the hall being used by local residents. We have improved the verge outside Monxton Manor considerably and there is now parking for 6 cars there, along with the 4 spaces immediately outside the hall. There is room for cars to park alongside the fence of the field adjacent to the hall, and there is always parking in the Black Swan car park (for which they have given permission). If you have any feasible solutions for this eternal sticking point then we’d be delighted to hear it.

Click here to see the full design suggestions

If you would like to discuss anything to do with this project please contact:
Penny Kitson (Chair) – 771227, Mel Bacon – 710300, Sarah Dowding – 710375 (click names to email)



2 comments on “Village Hall – a proposed new era?

  1. Margaret Ellwood says:

    Hi guys

    You’re all amazing for taking this on. Difficult to put all thoughts down on the questionnaire or on line, and I’m sure you don’t want too much input!! ( I remember just getting the playing area on the green agreed was a nightmare)
    Happy to chat through any thoughts I have whenever: Margaret Ellwood 07917 363626 01264 771920


  2. Thanks Margaret. If you could complete the form (with additional paper) which hopefully dropped through your door last week, with all your views, that would be hugely appreciated. We would love lots of input please – the more the better. We really want residents to be involved and love and use their re-vamped hall. Thanks, Sarah (MAVH Committee)


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