Zumba Gold – new fitness class

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There is a new weekly exercise class starting this Friday 22 January at Monxton and Amport Village Hall. The class is from 1.30 – 2pm.

The programme is an aerobic danced based exercise programme aimed at introducing beginners to exercise or acting as a re-introduction for many people. The sessions initially will be running for 30 minutes and the programme currently is running from January to September 2016. The price of the sessions are £3.25.

There are many benefits of the programme:

  • Greater Mobility – Preserve, Restore and Improve range of motion. Your balance, posture and coordination will be improved through Zumba classes.
  • A healthier heart – Even though this programme is low impact it still gets your heart pumping
  • Weight Loss – Feel Better, Move More
  • Social Interaction – Connect and socialise with peers
  • Stronger Muscles and Bones – Weight-bearing exercises helps bones
  • Stress Relief – Revitalise your Mind, Body and Soul
  • Fun – Ditch the work out, Join the Party

For more information please contact Natalie Austin by email or call 07493 160027.

2 comments on “Zumba Gold – new fitness class

  1. david.hodgson251@btinternet.com says:

    What time of day will the class start? Morning, afternoon or evening. Shirley Hodgson.


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