AMCC Trustee wanted

The Amport & Monxton Community Charity is looking for a new Trustee from Monxton, as we ideally have three trustees from each village. Meetings are held a few times each year and it’s chance to help enhance your community.

The Amport and Monxton Community Charity was founded in November 2013 as a way to support local community projects. The Charity is established as a charitable trust, with six trustees all of whom are residents in the villages, and objects as follows:

  • To improve the parishes of Amport and Monxton for the benefit of the inhabitants of the area
  • To encourage the goodwill and involvement of the wider community
  • To foster community spirit
  • To support local community groups and projects

The charity is a beneficiary of the annual Village Fete as well as some other community events. The Charity also applies for grant funding for specific projects. So far AMCC has arranged a paediatric first-aid course, for parents and grandparents in the villages; tours of Amport House for locals in spring 2014; created a village map of local walks and footpaths; and installed a defibrillator at The Hawk Inn.

Current Trustees:
Kate Cavalier (Amport)
Neil Warren (Amport)
Emma Jones (Amport)
Gemma Pearce (Monxton)
Sarah Dowding (Monxton)

Contact if you’re interested in joining please.

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