Church Services

St Mary’s, Monxton Church Services: July 2019


Sunday 7 July – Trinity 3
10.00am     Grateley  Benefice Holy Communion   Rev Peter Gilks

Sunday 14 July – Trinity 4
9.15 am      Amport      Family Service               Rev Matthew Grayshon
10.00 am    Grateley     Morning Worship       Stephen Baldock
11.00 am    Monxton   Holy Communion                Rev Matthew Grayshon
6.00 pm      Quarley      Great Lives

Sunday 21 July – Trinity 5
8.00 am      Monxton    Holy Communion               Rev Matthew Grayshon
10.00 am    Grateley      Family Service          Geoff Wortley
11.00 am              Amport       Holy Communion                Rev Matthew Grayshon
6.00 pm      Quarley       Evensong                   Geoff Wortley

Sunday 28 July – Trinity 6
9.30 am      Quarley       Family Communion      Rev Christopher Walker
10.00 am    Grateley       Holy Communion                Rev Matthew Grayshon
11.00 am    Monxton    Morning Worship       Charmian Howarth      
6.00 pm      Amport       Evensong                    Geoff Wortley                  


Sunday 4 August – Trinity 7
10 am      Quarley         Benefice Holy Communion

Sunday 11 August – Trinity 8
9.15 am      Amport       Family service
10.00 am    Grateley      Morning Worship
11.00 am    Monxton    Holy Communion
6.00 pm      Quarley       Great Lives

Sunday 18 August – Trinity 9
8.00 am      Monxton    Holy Communion
10.00 am    Grateley      Family Service
11.00 am    Amport       Holy Communion
6.00 pm      Quarley       Evensong

Sunday 25 August – Trinity 10
9.30 am      Quarley       Family Communion
10.00 am    Grateley      Holy Communion
11.00 am    Monxton    Morning Worshop
6.00 am      Amport       Evensong

BCP = Book of Common Prayer
CW = Common Worship Order 1

Getting hold of the Clergy:
Team Rector: Revd Peter Gilks (01264 335245 / 07790 998646)
Team Vicar: Revd Vanessa Cole (01264 782615)
Associate Priest: Revd Matthew Grayshon (01264 502175/ 07960 299434)
Licensed Lay Ministers: Charmian Howarth (01264 710221), Geoff Wortley (01264 889426)
Rev Peter Gilks normally has his day off on Thursday and Vanessa on Friday. Apart from those days, they will normally endeavour to answer any messages the same day, but if the matter is urgent, there is also a clergy mobile number (07790 998646) for calls or texts.
Baptisms: Chris Rose  (01264 781257 or will book with the vicar and hand over to the parish baptism contacts to arrange the details.
Weddings: Please contact the Team Rector, Peter Gilks, first to confirm the date. He will then put you in contact with Kristle Oostendorp (01264 889234) to coordinate the details.