Monxton Mutters

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17 comments on “Monxton Mutters

  1. From a High St resident: We are, and have been for some weeks, experiencing very poor broadband speeds. At worst we are getting at or even just below 1 Mbs and at best 1.4 Mbs. We used to get 3 or 4 Mbs but today it is a pedestrian 1.19 Mbs.
    I am currently in “discussions” with BT over this. I wonder if others in the villages are also experiencing poor broadband service, or are we alone?


  2. Adrian Drage says:

    Power cut today, Thu 28 July 16. Power went off at just before 17:00 hrs and came back at approx 18:00. Overhead cable problems were blamed. Some 600 houses off to West and South West of Andover.
    Previous power cut was on Mon 18 July 16 when the power went off at about 0900 but was not restored until approx 15:00 – although it went off again during the night of 18/19 July. Same quadrant lost power as on 28 Jul 16. Fault was blamed on a switch that had been hit by lightning; but we had not had a thunderstorm for 6-8 weeks!
    I have raised a complaint with Southern about the lack of robustness in the system. Perhaps others might to do likewise.


  3. Adrian Drage says:

    The attempt by Goodman Real Estates to revoke/modify/weaken the planning obligation associated with Planning Permission 09/02392/OUTN by removal of Part II of Schedule 6 regarding HCV Traffic Demand Management systems submitted under planning application16/01512/OBLN, and to which not only with other communities but also a number of Monxton villagers submitted objections, is due to be heard on 17 Nov 16. Are the various Parish Councils to speak in objection; are we in touch with Kit Malthouse; and do we need to attend in forces to show our objection/conerns? For this risk is that by a process of wearing us down/boredom/inactivity Goodman and others will get their way. This is the first request on a (very) slippery slope to all Schedule 6 restrictions being removed. And of course we still don’t know if the APNR cameras are working again!

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    • mikecleugh says:

      Hi Adrian,

      Monxton Parish Council will have a councillor speak at the meeting using the 3 min slot allowed by TVBC, however we need all those villagers who objected to attend the planning meeting on the 17th at 5.30pm at the TVBC offices otherwise we will lose credibility.

      Villagers need to attend or Borough councillors are unlikely to support our objections for this to be planning request to be rejected.

      We also need a villager to use the other 3 minute slot for the public to support the objection.

      Any volunteers please reply to this post or call me on 01264 710276.

      Mike Cleugh
      Monxton parish Council


  4. Adrian Drage says:

    I wonder if, since the planned power outage on Friday 25th November 16, any residents of Monxton are experiencing any differences in their power supply, especially at peak periods; we are. Since the 25th at peak periods the supply is insufficient to operate fluorescent lighting; the toaster barely heats etc etc. Outside peak periods everything seems to be operating normally. I spoke to SSE tonight and their initial response was to tell us to switch off appliances; since we only had the TV and a couple of lamps on this was a risible response. I am now trying to get an engineer out – hopefully tomorrow. If anyone is experiencing similar loss of/drop in full supply do add to this. the more info the better.


    • Our lights have also been dimming at peak times – it was very noticeable last evening. We have LED lights so power consumption on lighting is tiny, but they dimmed when the hob was on, or the heat pump – which doesn’t normally happen.


      • Adrian Drage says:

        Interesting. We have a SSE due in the next 45 mins. Just spoke to him and told him of your drop in voltage. He reacted with some interest to this news. Pity more of Monxton won’t see this exchange of info.


      • Yes, a pity! We still have dim lights – I can barely read in here. Will be interested to know how you get on.


  5. Adrian Drage says:

    If you have a problem you can dial 105 and then wait for Option 9 and tell them your story. Who knows they might send you the same engineer who is currently in the pub carpark. Meanwhile the SSE party line is: the voltage is low but is within limits. So I fear without more folk pressing SSE nothing will come of this.


  6. Adrian Drage says:

    Supply problems still continue at peak periods – like now at 16:20 on Sun 04 Dec. I have again rung SSE. Initially they blamed a local power outage for todays problem. I stressed that this problem has been going on since the planned outage on 25 Nov and that we have power. If anyone is having supply problems/experiencing dim lights, toaster not working properly etc please call SSE on 105 and take Option 9 and report the issue.
    Meanwhile is there any way of getting recent threads such as this up on the MM front page otherwise no one will read/see this/be aware.


    • Hi Adrian, Thanks for your messages. I can’t get this on a front page, as it’s the way the site works and I’m not sure how to change it. However, I need to do a newsletter so I shall add your comments. My lights are still varying in intensity but only ever in 1 room. Is it all your lights? Sarah


  7. Adrian Drage says:

    A result!! Following the visit of one engineer, who just happened to be a manger, to our house and his boss who went to the village sub-station, together they subsequently identified a fault at the sub-station. A specialist team is expected to attend tomorrow. Let us hope that this sorts it all out – for one and all in the village.


  8. Pete Weston says:

    Hi. May I just put a polite reminder out to local residents to clear up after their dog on the footpath that is alongside Sunnybank. Although not necessarily a local resident that did this, bagging dog waste then throwing the bag in the hedge row is not really acceptable when there is a dog waste bin at the bottom of the track.
    Thank you.

    Pete Weston
    Parish councillor Sunnybank area Monxton


  9. Dominic Ryan says:

    Has anyone heard about a new sunday bus service 77 from Middle Wallop Air Museum to Andover (serving monxton in the return journey only) starting 30/04/17

    Anyone wants proof of this or a timetable i will post it if people would like it.


  10. Dominic Ryan says:

    All info found here, including map and timetable with all stops not just summery ones.
    Please not Monxton is only served in the Andover direction, but Amport School is served in both, this is due to the bus double backing along Sarson Lane turning at the Hawk Conservancy, as the motorway cannot be accessed to return to Andover, hence running via Monxton and the MOD.

    Times are as follows for the village green:

    Sundays 1243, 1523, 1723
    Public Holidays: 1243, 1523, 1723

    Operated by Stagecoach, not Wheelers


  11. Dominic Ryan says:

    PS. if your going to add it to the website, it might also be a good plan to add the 5 service as i don’t think that is one either


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