Black Swan Planning Application Villager Survey Form

If you are unable to complete the survey on line follow the link below to print off a form which can be completed and returned to Cllr Mike Cleugh, Rectory Cottage, Monxton  SP11 8AH. Copies of the form will also be available at the meeting to be held in Monxton Village Hall on Thursday 13th June 2019, 8pm

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Monxton Residents Raise Money to Fight Cancer

Local Monxton residents, Lorraine and Shaun Pullen, from Spinney Hill, Broad Road are walking 40 miles, through the night over and around the North Cornish coast on the 14th & 15th June. They are raising awareness and more importantly funds for the Brown Dog Cancer Charity.
The Brown Dog Cancer Charity provides essential equipment to help people fight cancer.  The equipment is state-of-the-art and improves diagnostics, surgery and care which either extends or saves lives.
The challenge will take Lorraine and Shaun along the undulating and demanding North Cornish coast from Polzeath to Bude. By the end of the walk, they will have climbed 10,439 feet which is higher than Ben Nevis and Snowden (combined ) at 9,973 feet.
If you wish to support them in raising money for this extremely good cause, please donate  using the link –
All donations are welcome.
Thank you for your support in advance
Lorraine and Shaun Pullen

Black Swan Planning Application

The Planning application for the Black Swan (ref 19/01229/FULLN) currently has a date for comments of the 14th June. However, it has been called to the TVBC Planning Committee by our Borough Councillor, Maureen Flood, which means that the new date for comments will be sometime in July/August and all comments received up to the day of the planning meeting will be considered.

Village Meeting – 13 June, 8pm

So villagers have the opportunity to attend the meeting/open forum on the 13th June at 8pm in the Monxton & Amport Village Hall and then provide comments either to support or object on the TVBC website and to the Parish Council.

Some villagers have commented that the application is somewhat confusing in that it mentions a village hub while also talking about a village pub. This confusion appears to be a conflation with a previous plan, which was supported by the Parish Council for a new village hall (aka Hub) on the Black Swan car park with this plan to build a new pub and change the current Black Swan building to a residential property.

Another clarification is that the developer has also used the term “relocation of the Black Swan” when in reality they intend to turn the current pub into a residential house and build a new building (pub) at the end of the car park, plus two houses at the front of the site. Normally they would need to get a change of use agreed by TVBC from pub to residential, which does not appear to be included in the planning application.

Villagers should note that Monxton Parish Council is currently neutral with regards to this planning application, despite the developer implying MPC support in their Design and Access Statement document. Monxton Parish Council (MPC) wishes villagers to advise whether they want to support this development and if not, advise any objections using valid planning grounds.

MPC suggests all interested villagers come to the meeting on the 13th June at the village hall as the developer will attend to address any questions.


There will be a village open meeting facilitated by Monxton Parish Council at 8.00 pm on Thursday 13th June 2019, at Monxton Village Hall to discuss plans for the Black Swan.

This meeting is solely to allow villagers to review the following planning applications: 19/01230/LBWN & 19/01229/FULLN put forward by DC Li Builders and discuss any issues or concerns with Joe Li who will attend.

In summary, the plans are to convert the current Black Swan to a residential dwelling.

To build a new public house at the rear of the Black Swan Car park.

To build 2 new 2-bedroomed dwellings at the front of the Black Swan car park.

Villagers from Monxton and Amport are welcome to attend the session to discuss the proposals with Joe Li (the developer).

Any queries please contact The Clerk for Monxton Parish Council or by telephone on 01264 773976

The meeting will be an open forum with plans laid out on tables with the developer from DC LI Builders attending to answer any concerns or questions villagers may have with their proposals.

In addition, the Parish Council will review the feedback from the meeting to inform the decision as to how it will comment on the proposals by either supporting, Not Objecting or Objecting to the plans with any planning issues.

We look forward to all villagers from Sunny Bank, Monxton and Amport attending.