Amport & Monxton Community Charity

The Amport and Monxton Community Charity was founded in November 2013 as a way to support local community projects. The Charity is established as a charitable trust, with six trustees all of whom are residents in the villages, and objects as follows:

  • To improve the parishes of Amport and Monxton for the benefit of the inhabitants of the area
  • To encourage the goodwill and involvement of the wider community
  • To foster community spirit
  • To support local community groups and projects

The charity is a beneficiary of the annual Village Fete as well as the Mucky Duck Race (24th May 2015) and 2014 Burns Night. The Charity also applies for grant funding for specific projects. Our first project was a paediatric first-aid course, for parents and grandparents in the villages. We also arranged tours of Amport House for locals in spring 2014. We have a number of projects underway including a village map for residents, showing local footpaths and suggested walks, and a local history festival scheduled for Spring 2016. We would be delighted to hear your ideas for future projects that you would like to see in our community. Please comment below or email your suggestions.

Kate Cavalier
Rupert Collingwood
Sarah Dowding
Emma Jones
Gemma Pearce
Neil Warren


One comment on “Amport & Monxton Community Charity

  1. Vernon White says:

    Weeding and sowing of wild flowers and bulb planting along all verges from East Cholderton to Amport and Monxton. Put small signs up to stop the Council cutting everything down, and in a couple of years the road sides would be wonderful especially for bees and butterflies


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