MPC & Alpine Group Meeting – 16 July

Minutes of the Meeting Between MPC and Alpine Group

Meeting Date: 16th July 2013

Kelvin Barry, Stephen Barry: Alpine Group Directors
Sarah Dowding: MPC Councillor
Mike Cleugh: Acting Chairman MPC

The meeting was convened to follow up on the actions agreed at the previous meeting on the 14th May 2013 and discuss any new items.


  1. Damage to properties in the village.
  2. Potential to use smaller Lorries and avoid the use of Artic Lorries wherever possible.
  3. Monxton EGM
  4. Discuss the progress with respect to moving the business to a new location and changing the use of the site from B8 Light industrial to Residential.
  5. Review plans to build a small number of appropriate houses subject to planning consent and acceptable to Monxton and Abbotts Ann villagers.

The following actions were agreed:

  1. Alpine Group that their survey over the period since the last meeting has resulted in confirming that on average three standard lorries/day come to the site along with 3 articulated lorries every week. It was further agreed that Alpine would seek to reduce the use of articulated lorries to zero if possible following discussions with suppliers.
  2. Alpine have had discussions with two Architectural firms and have received quotations for drawing up outline plans with a view to getting outline planning.  Alpine are now looking to partner with a local developer/builder and an update will be provided when one has been agreed.
  3. With respect to damage caused to existing properties, Alpine have already had the recent damage to the thatch at the Stables fixed within two weeks of receiving the request from MPC. No further action.
  4. Alpine were advised that the Bollards would now be implemented by HCC and that therefore MPC looked to them to address the issue with the walls on both sides at the cross roads as soon as suitable quotes are obtained. Action Alpine to chase builders for quotes.
  5. EGM attendance. Alpine will provide a statement for the EGM meeting to MPC in  advance by 19/7/13 for release prior to the meeting which will then allow villagers to ask any questions based on this document. 

Summary All actions to be completed at soon as possible and a follow up meeting arranged to review next steps following progress with TVBC planning.

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