Traffic Update for EGM

These are the traffic issues that Monxton Parish Council will be discussing at this week’s EGM.
(Friday 26 July 2013 in the Village Hall at 6pm – please come along)

Monxton Traffic Strategy

Traffic issues in Monxton include:

  • Lorries going to the Alpine Group at Manor Farm represent a high percentage of the most damaging lorry traffic through Monxton
  • Lorries travelling through Monxton using it as a shortcut to Andover
  • Lorries going to the Coop coming down to Monxton (approx. 4 lorries/month) due to Satnavs or poor signage (Note: the Andover Business park has the same post code as Monxton Road)
  • Traffic speeding through Monxton village & Sunnybank
  • Damage to properties in Monxton caused by traffic
  • Concern for pedestrians from speeding vehicles

Alpine Group

Short-Term Solutions

  • Ensure any damage caused by lorries to & from Alpine is rectified
  • Ensure Alpine minimises the number of lorries and eliminates the use of articulated lorries
  • Implement bollards at the bottom of Abbotts Ann Road to prevent lorries damaging the bank and walls on both sides of the road and reducing the turning circle, which should prevent articulated lorries going up Abbotts Ann Road (subject to HCC Highways approval)

Long term (12 months)

  • Work with TVBC to get the site re-designated from Industrial to Residential (with possible work-live properties)
  • Work with Abbotts Ann PC and TVBC to support a planning application for residential use to assist moving Alpine from Manor Farm to a new more suitable site and ensure the site is never used for industrial purposes

Traffic Solutions – Speeding Vehicles

20 mph zone

  • Traffic survey carried out during the first two weeks of July using Radar devices mounted at key points in the village determined by TVBC traffic engineers (results soon)
  • If the average speed is less than 24.5mph a 20 mph speed limit may be progressed subject to approval by HCC

Mobile Speed Limit Reminder signs

  • MPC has agreed to share the cost of a Mobile Speed Limit Reminder signs/alerting device with Amport and Abbotts Ann, plus HCC (Pat West) will provide a £1,000 contribution to the cost of the device

CCTV at the crossroads

  • This is being researched by MPC to ascertain the costs and benefits

Other solutions:

  • Moving the 30mph signs to the top of Green Lane after Bryning Lodge and extending the 30mph zone to the round-about at the top of Monxton Road subject to a traffic regulation order and design
  • Adding ‘Drive Carefully – 30mph’ signs on ‘Entry Gates’ at the side of the road at either end of the village – subject to a traffic regulation order

Traffic Solutions – Lorry Issues

Width zoning – 6’ 6” Width restrictions

  • TVBC are in the process of implementing a survey and consultation process to ascertain the feasibility of implementing a 6’ 6” width restriction across a wide area (plan available on website)
  • This has commenced recently with a survey to determine the size of the problem i.e. number of lorries traversing the area
  • All local Parish Councils will be consulted on the details
  • The survey has now been completed and a public consultation will be undertaken which will approx. 6 months to finalise the solution. Note this will not affect the Alpine Group as the lorry movements within the zone are subject to access to allow legitimate deliveries in the area
  • Adding signs at either end of Chalkpit Lane to advise ‘Unsuitable for HGVs’
  • Signs at the traffic lights at the top of Monxton Road to divert lorries up Red Post Lane to go back to Andover Business Park to avoid coming through Monxton – subject to consultation with Red Post Lane and Weyhill residents

Traffic Solutions – Andover Business Park

  • TVBC to implement better signs to reduce lorries coming to Monxton at the top of Monxton Road
  • Request to Goodmans, with assistance from Sir George Young, to implement a new Post Code – request in progress
  • Note: Satnav devices will be updated over time and reduce the numbers of stray lorries from the Andover Business Park coming down into Monxton


  • Work has commenced by MPC/TVBC/HCC on the key activities, which will improve life for villagers by urgently addressing the various traffic issues
  • TVBC and HCC have been very active and supportive in implementing these activities due to the concerns shown by residents at the recent AGM and which has undoubtedly helped accelerate the speed with which actions have been implemented
  • However , some of these items will take time to implement and the villagers should note that it may take approx. 12 months for everything required to take place but it is now moving forward

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