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3 comments on “Suggestion Box

  1. John Chaffey says:

    We have a constant lack of grass cutting on the 2 triangles at the entrance to Sunnybank we get a tractor about twice a season which does a really poor job of cutting the grass. Can these 2 pieces of grass be added to the same contractor that does the village green ? It would improve the look of the village and Sunnybank


  2. Helen Mead says:

    I wrote to a council member last year regarding the dumping of grass cuttings and garden rubbish into Pilhill Brook, and sadly have to say that it has started again.
    The brown, rotting cuttings float on the surface getting caught in the live plants on the riverbank.

    I feel it has to be a property from the bridge down as the flow of water is now so weak due to the diversion of the original stream by the bridge .

    In the summer the water almost disappears , so I dread to think what the once clear stream will look like .

    Last year I sent my dog in to disturb the gunge and send it off downstream , some I put on my compost heap but there was too much.

    This is an incredibly selfish act and has only happened since last year.

    Is it possible to send a leaflet locally pointing out that this is not a dumping ground ?

    Hope you can help,

    Many thanks

    Helen Mead


    • Helen,
      I have spoken with a few people who live along that stretch of river and no-one had admitted to doing such a thing. One of the residents suggests that it is coming from the cattle in the river way upstream. But I shall add a notice to Monxton Matters newsletter. We do not have the resources to send out leaflets to parishoners, but perhaps you could take to your neighbours to ensure everyone is aware.
      As an aside the water course that runs behind your house is the mill race, and the main river channel is now taking a little more water with the river banks having had some work upstream.
      Sarah, MPC Vice-Chair


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