Old Issues of Monxton Matters

Here are all the old issues of Monxton Matters dating back to 2003.


5 comments on “Old Issues of Monxton Matters

  1. Mike Wild says:

    I am really sad that the Black Swan is closed, it appears my Ancestors were living in Monxton and Amport in the past, I did see in a census a name that appeared to be Wild (my Surname) that my family were the Owners or Landlord this I can’t be sure of as the writing was so bad.
    I did one evening some years ago put a message in Monxton Matters to ask if there was anyone who knew of my family in the past, my friend and I had a great meal and chocolate pudding mmmmm, no one came that evening but it was good to walk where my ancestors had so many years ago.
    I have subscribed to be kept up to date with what is happening, I will ask again if anyone had any information about the WILD family I would be grateful for the information, I believe one ancestor was a blacksmith he died and his wife took over the smithing.
    Good luck to all and I guess not to early to wish all reader a MERRY CHRISTMAS


    • Thanks for your message Mike. Do you know approximately when your family lived in Monxton? Do you have any other information, such as which house they lived in? Many thanks, Sarah (web admin)


      • Mike Wild says:

        Hi Sarah
        John Wild (dob1766) and Mary King (1806-1840) he was a shoemaker, 3 sons 1 dau. Found in 1841census, Mary wasn’t of course.
        In Monxton-A Hampshire Village History by Diana Caldictt bottom of page 97/8 she writes in 1801 a George Sandy an ironmonger from Salisbury became the copyholder of a cottage (now The Old Cottage) .
        Richard Wild was living in the cottage and he was the village blacksmith, it goes on to the end of page 98.
        I am not sure if this all makes sense but I would be grateful if any information you have and would like to share, I live in Gosport at the moment, I’m retired so if you would like to have a chat I would be happy to do so. Do you have a copy of Diana’s book.
        Thank you for your time replying
        Kind regard
        Mike Wild


      • Hi Mike,
        I don’t have any information as I haven’t lived in the village that long (9 years) but Diana may be the best person to talk to. Yes, I have her book and she has re-printed them so has more for sale. Kind regards, Sarah


      • Mike Wild says:

        Hi Sarah
        I have spoken to her over the phone in the past I don’t think she can add anymore, I am about to concentrate more and use our library in Fareham see what they have to offer, if you are interested I will keep the ‘Matters’ informed.
        I would hope to be at the match, not playing watching and remembering all the matches I played in the past. Keep well, keep warm.


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