Scams Latest: BT and Your Bank

There seems to have been an increase in the old “This is BT, your broadband is going to be cut off” calls, this time the message is recorded. Ignore the call, I wish I had a pound for every time my broadband was going to be cut off in the last twelve months, and it is still working well. If you are really worried contact BT directly.

The following was issued by Hampshire Constabulary:

One comment on “Scams Latest: BT and Your Bank

  1. Adrian Drage says:

    There are some very simple things you can do to get rid of these calls etc:
    1. Sign up for the telephone preference service (TPS). Once registered and after the initial 30 day set up, this will remove a lot of all calls.
    2. If you are a BT customer, as of the BT Protect, sign up for the 1571 or 1572 service; the latter is free and will block numbers selected by BT as being suspect plus you can: black list numbers (immediately after a call); block all ‘withheld’ numbers; block all international numbers.
    With the 1572 service we have reduced our ‘unwanted’ calls to a couple per month. Indeed in the past 30 days over 130 ‘unwanted’ calls were automatically diverted to the 1572 junk voice mail box; thus we were not disturbed, and no one left a message (funny old thing that!).
    Whilst we use BT other providers are available and I am sure have similar schemes.
    Good luck.


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