Loft Insulation Phone Calls

A number of residents, myself included, have recently received phone calls from someone claiming to be from a company that had installed loft insulation for them. The caller then starts to talk about government grants.

I suspect this is just another ploy to get bank details from people but so far nobody that I have spoken to has hung on long enough to let the young man finish his spiel. I would be interested to know if anyone can confirm my suspicions and for that matter whether anyone has been installing loft insulation in the village?

Always remember never give any financial or personal details to callers you do not know, either over the phone or online.

Amazon scams are around again, I received a call saying that my card account had been debited with £399 for an iPhone 7 and to press 1 if I had not ordered it. Amazon do not have my account details and what’s more they are selling them for £299! They are just phishing.

David James

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