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  1. David J Soper says:

    I believe my 3rd Great Grandfather, (John Soper), was born in Monxton about 1785. It seems he may have married Charlotte Ayres, (who was born in Houghton about 1784), in 1807.
    I would like to know the names of the Parents of John Soper, (Soaper)


    • David, thank you for getting in touch. I am currently reading ‘Monxton, a Hampshire Village History’ by Diana Coldicott, and the Sopers are mentioned. https://monxton.org.uk/history/ If you get in touch with Diana (see link) then you can purchase a copy of the book.

      James Soper apparently came from Oxinwood (now Oxenwood), near Hungerford and took the lease on Monxton Manor in 1782 and he was buried in Monxton in 1804. In the 1790s James Soper started to acquire copyhold cottages which he then let to farm workers. James Soper also held the copyhold of the Black Swan (then just The Swan) at the end of the 18th century (after May 1791) and he paid £10 for it. There was also a Charles Eyres in the village at the same time, so perhaps (allowing for a spelling change) Charlotte was his daughter??

      Looking at the leaseholders of Monxton Manor Farm, James Soper of Oxinwood had the lease from 1782 to 1804. On his death his son, also James Soper, took over until his own death in 1837. This his son, a third James Soper, held the lease until 1849. There is no mention of a John Soper.

      There is also no mention of any Ayres (although there are Ayles and the aforementioned Eyres).

      I hope that helps a little bit?


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