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  1. valerie pearce says:

    Hi, I am looking for my fathers first cousin Pamela Hurst, who has/had a cottage in Monxton. I would like her to know that he has died. She was very close to his parents. https://funeral-notices.co.uk/notice/pearce/4991009
    I would be really grateful if you could advise me whether she still lives here. Thank you


  2. This is a message on behalf of Amport Parish Council about the broadband outage situation, please copy and circulate to any contacts not on Facebook.

    This letter has come from
    BT open reach at the highest level.

    Dated 9th March 2022

    I am sorry that the repair to our fibre cabinet is taking longer than expected to repair, after the storm caused damage to the feeding cable. I know how important a broadband connection is for you for normal day to day living as well as allowing home workers to work from home and business to run.

    I’m really sorry that there have been delays with getting our traffic management onsite to allow the repairs to be completed safely by our engineers. Like I said in my earlier email we did have the work provisionally booked in for 8 March. But unfortunately our traffic management suppliers have made some administrative errors when booking this in and it was only highlighted to us at the last minute. To be clear this was a problem with our traffic management supplier and not anything to do with the local authority who permits are submitted to.

    I have escalated this again with our traffic management suppliers and this is now booked back in for this Friday 11 March and our engineers will attend the same day to complete the repair work. I’m checking this daily and will confirm with you when the work will be completed or let you know if there any further issues.

    If you need anything in the interim please just let me know and please do pass on our apologies that it’s taking us longer than we would like to get you back into service.

    BT open reach


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