MPC Annual General Meeting – 30/4/2013

Minutes of the Monxton Parish Council Annual General Meeting
held on Tuesday 30th April 2013 in the Monxton Village Hall at 8.30pm.


Cllr Katrina Saville – Chairperson Cllr Mike Cleugh – Vice Chairman Cllr John Chaffey
Cllr David Eaglesham

Richard Waterman – Parish Clerk County Councillor Mrs Pat West Members of the Public – 31

Apologies : Cllr Sarah Dowding, Robert Davis and Borough Councillor Ben Few-Brown.


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.


The Chairman signed the minutes of the 2012 AGM as a true record.

CHAIRMAN’S REPORT – (interrupted half way through by members of the public)

Firstly, I would also like to warmly welcome Richard Waterman, who has taken over the role of clerk from Sue Corney, now that Sue has taken up full time employment. Richard is very experienced in this field, acting as clerk for 10 other local parishes, so we are very pleased that he has agreed to include Monxton in his portfolio.

Many thanks to Sue, who stepped in to save us from a bit of a crisis, and has done a fabulous job of keeping us in order for the past three years. My sincere thanks go to John Chaffey as he steps down from his position as councillor. John has been an invaluable member of the committee for the past six years, whose input I have greatly appreciated. I’m delighted that we have two volunteers to take over the places on the committee being vacated by John and myself. David Bateman and Maggie Nicholls have both kindly offered to give up their time to help keep our community running smoothly, and, all being well, will officially join at the next Parish Council meeting.

The setting up of the Speedwatch scheme is under way now, and the team should become active on our streets before too long. Having unsuccessfully approached several parishes about sharing the cost and ownership of the required equipment, Monxton PC took the decision to fund it ourselves, as we feel it will be a very positive way to reduce the speeding through the village and the feedback we had received from parishioners was very favourable. Thank you to David Eaglesham for taking this on and I look forward to seeing it in action soon.

Our lovely old finger post on the village green went missing for a few weeks earlier this year, and has returned beautifully refurbished. This will soon be complemented by two new benches, thanks to some funding from our county councillor.

The Village Hall has also seen further improvements, with a fully health and safety approved ramp and steps now in place, a disabled toilet, baby changing facilities and a key safe. In the near future a full redecoration of the hall including new blinds is planned. Many thanks to the village hall team for keeping the hall in such a beautiful state of repair, and for all their hard work putting on some very enjoyable events.
Sadly Linda is making plans to leave the village, so I would like to say a special thank you to her and wish her well.

Last summer saw another successful though somewhat chilly Duck Race, a rather damp Open Gardens weekend, and a great Diamond Jubilee celebration hosted by Amport. This summer we have a Barn Dance to look forward to, which promises to be another great village event – please do come along and support it.

Thanks to the hard work of Nick Simon, Monxton has a thoroughly revamped web site – It’s still in its early stages at present, but please do take a look and let Nick have any feedback. You will be able not only to read about what’s going on in the village, but there will also be an opportunity to have your own photos and information uploaded for the rest of the village to see. This promises to be a great channel of communication for us all, and my thanks go to web master Nick for getting this up and going.

We are still being troubled by far too many lorries of an enormous size trying to squeeze through the village, and causing damage to property in the process. The majority of this appears to be going to and from the Alpine Group, which now operates from the old Siteweld yard. Ben Few-Brown has taken on this cause for us, and hopefully something can be done to stop this very inconsiderate behaviour. If any parishioners are witness to any damage in the village, please take details and let Ben or the Parish Council know. Lorries from the airfield site still stray this way on occasions, despite the ANPR system and the incredible amount of fines the Co-op are having to pay out. I’m assured that a full review of the signage at the Hundred Acre Roundabout is imminent, and hopefully some clearer guidance there will reduce the number of ‘lost’ HGVs.

A further planning application has been submitted to build a second distribution centre next to the Co-op building, of a similar size to the existing one. Monxton PC have strongly objected to this, as it would contravene several of the planning conditions which we fought so hard to have imposed upon the Co-op application. Unfortunately I have not been so successful in getting other parishes to object this time around, despite my best efforts. This latest application should be going to committee imminently and Ben Few-Brown has promised to fight our cause for us there.

The state of the roads in and around the village is of constant concern, with Chalkpit Lane and Broad Road being in a particularly poor state. I appreciate that the Highways department are very stretched, as roads everywhere have suffered badly from the weather, but we will keep pushing to get repairs made as promptly as possible. Please make use of the pot hole reporting site on the TVBC web site – it really does work.

Another issue which has been causing anxiety of late is the blocking of a tributary of the Pilhill Brook, causing dangerously high water levels for several properties in the village. My thanks go to Phil Lashbrook and Pat West for chasing the Environment agency into action, where residents and the Parish Council had failed. A meeting was held yesterday between the interested parties, and hopefully a resolution will be forthcoming soon.

The year has thankfully been largely crime free in Monxton, and my thanks go to Robert Davies for putting so much time and effort into running Neighbourhood Watch and keeping us all informed for several years now. Robert will be stepping down from his position when his and Linda’s house move goes through, and he will be sadly missed .

Having served on the Parish Council for 8 years now, with 6 of them as Chair, and with an intended move closer to Salisbury, it is time for me also to step down from the post.
I’d like to thank all of those who have supported me in my role, including my fellow Councillors, clerks past and present, Village Hall committee members, Robert Davies, Phil Lashbrook, Pat West, Ben Few-Brown and others too numerous to mention. I hope the parishioners feel that I have served them well.

I leave the village in the capable hands of Mike Cleugh, who is standing in as Chair until a more permanent replacement is found.


Members of the Public interrupted the Chairman’s Report mid flow and a heated discussion took place. Points raised included :-

  • What are the Parish Council doing to conserve the village? The large lorries coming into the village are damaging property.
  • Why was the weight restriction taken off the red post bridge? This has opened up the village roads for larger lorries many visiting the Alpine Group at the old Siteweld depot.
  • The speed lorries travel through the village is of concern to many parishioners, what are the Parish Council doing to address the situation?
  • Why has the 20MPH speed limit not been pursued for the village? Recent changes in legislation should make it easier to adopt.
  • Damage to the green is an ongoing problem, what are the Parish Council doing about it, has the use of CCTV been considered?
  • It was suggested that the parish Council scrap the Community Speed watch Scheme and spend the money on CCTV.
  • It was requested that it is minuted that the village are angry that the Parish Council have not done anything to address the issues raised.
  • The Traffic Calming in the village is looking tatty and it was felt that this has only hindered the problem in the village.
  • The DLO and the Co-op staff use the village as a Rat Run to get to and from work. The Parish Council and Cllr Mrs P West answered the questions to the best of theirknowledge and stated the following points :-
    • The Parish Council are working with Borough Councillor Mr Ben Few-Brown on the issue of the HGV’s coming into the village.
    • When the Parish Council last looked at the 20MPH speed limit Monxton did not meet the criteria and was not eligible. However if the legislation has changed the Parish Council will be happy to apply again.
    • The Parish Council thought that CCTV was a good idea and would be happy to look into this if this is what the village wants.
    • The Parish Council are aware of the damage being caused to the green and residents properties and urged homeowners to report each incident to the Police and Cllr Mr Ben Few-Brown, each report is logged and helps when trying to get something done.
    • The Parish Council acknowledge that there is a business operating on the old Siteweld site and that materials need to get to and from the site, the ideal solution would be smaller lorries, an issue that will be pursued with the owners of the site.
    • Cllr Mrs P West assured the residents that she had tried to get a weight restriction put on the new Red Post Bridge, but was unsuccessful as the new bridge was built to take additional weight.
    • Cllr Mrs P West stated that there is a process to follow to get things changed and she would be happy to help if she is re-elected at the County Elections.
    • Cllr Mrs P West urged residents to write to Paul Jackson, the head of Planning at TVBC if they have comments on the new proposals for additional storage on the Old Air Field site.
    • Cllr Mrs P West suggested that the Parish Council write to the head of the DLO and the Co-op on the issue of staff using the village as a Rat Run.
    • The Chairman stated that the Parish Council have limited powers and do try hard to do right for the village. A lot of work went into objecting to the original plans for the Andover Airfield.

Cllr Mike Cleugh stated that he would be happy to resign from the Parish Council and free up a place for someone from the High Street to join the Parish Council. They could then take on the challenge of sorting out the issues raised this evening. There was no takers from the floor.


Cllr David Eaglesham gave a report on the Monxton finances for the year 1st April 2012 to 31st March 2013. Copies of the financial statement were distributed to the members of the public. The Parish Council signed off the Accounts for the period 1st April 2012 to 31st March 2013.


To be confirmed when the parish Council is back to strength.


The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.


Note: There was a previous typo in the meeting date in the title of this post, now corrected.

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