Amport Parish Council AGM – 16th May 2022 

7.30pm at East Cholderton Sea Scouts Hut

Guest Speaker – Maggie Shelton from Hampshire & IOW Wildlife Trust

We would like to invite anyone who would like to attend the AGM for Amport Parish Council.  This is your chance to hear from our Chairman Chris Harris and meet all our councilors and hear what we have been doing in the last year, and what plans are for this wonderful Platinum Jubilee year.  We hope you will join us and there will be refreshments available.  This will be followed by our usual monthly Parish Council Meeting which of course you are all welcome to attend.  

We look forward to welcoming you and please let our Clerk Heather Bourner ( know if you are likely to attend. Of course you are welcome to turn up on the evening. Please remember all members of the public are welcome to attend any of our meetings. We look forward to seeing you.

Amport Parish Council

Amport House – Update

This is the latest update from Amport Parish Council on the proposed Hotel at Amport House. 

We had a meeting with Will Ashworth from Another Place. Here is the latest update from him. 


  • We are currently having detailed discussions with the planning case officer and three consultees (Highways, Conservation and Environmental Health) to iron out the remaining concerns
  • Our design teams will then find solutions to these issues and submit updated plans/proposals
  • These updated plans will be publicly available for comment as per the normal planning consultations
  • We hope the proposal will then go to the planning committee in May or June.


  • Hampshire Highways have asked for further analysis (stress testing models). They have also asked us to consider if we can avoid cars exiting gate 2 and re-entering through gate 3 by creating an internal route. We believe this would also address several local concerns.
  • Conservation have asked us to consider a number of elements ranging from providing more detail for paths and railings etc etc to the position of Kids Club and its outside play area as well as elements relating to Swim Club 
  • I believe the Environmental Health discussion is happening today but there to do not appear to be significant hurdles.


  • We will press on with the detailed design as soon as permission is granted. 
  • We hope to start an enabling works contract in the autumn that focusses on the main house. This would include repairing windows, creating service runs for plumbing and electrical elements and preparing the main house for a full renovation.
  • The main contract would look to start at the end of 2022 and include all other aspects of the project
  • It is anticipated that the main contract would run for about 12 months
  • We will work with the planning team on discharging all conditions during the detailed design phase.
  • Once we have appointed a contractor we will work with them and the local community on construction traffic plans to limit the impact.

We will endeavour to keep you appraised of our progress to ensure the local community have accurate information and stop any unhelpful rumour mills.

 Will Ashworth CEO 

Amport Internet Outage

This letter has come from BT Open Reach at the highest level. Dated 9th March 2022

I am sorry that the repair to our fibre cabinet is taking longer than expected to repair, after the storm caused damage to the feeding cable. I know how important a broadband connection is for you for normal day-to-day living as well as allowing home workers to work from home and business to run.

I’m really sorry that there have been delays with getting our traffic management on-site to allow the repairs to be completed safely by our engineers. Like I said in my earlier email we did have the work provisionally booked in for 8 March. But unfortunately, our traffic management suppliers have made some administrative errors when booking this in and it was only highlighted to us at the last minute. To be clear this was a problem with our traffic management supplier and not anything to do with the local authority who permits are submitted to.

I have escalated this again with our traffic management suppliers and this is now booked back in for this Friday 11 March and our engineers will attend the same day to complete the repair work. I’m checking this daily and will confirm with you when the work will be completed or let you know if there any further issues.

If you need anything in the interim please just let me know and please do pass on our apologies that it’s taking us longer than we would like to get you back into service.

BT Open Reach

Donations for Ukraine – Update

UPDATE 2/3/21 21.30

** we need to know of bulk donations coming in and get a LOT more people volunteering here to box ** we also need so many cardboard boxes please **

Donations can come in but if you have time please label them and sort them. If you have many donations like 7 big bags let me know first.

* Adult clothes are not a priority at the moment
* Medicines. First aid kits and Blankets (not duvets) are a priority
Bring in what we asked already but if you can send clothes to the charity shops if not sorted …  or hang on till we box and ship more important items needed at present then that gives the refugees what they need.  And you can still donate them to the refugees that are coming to the UK who desperately need these. 
*FYI clothes take a lot longer to sort and check and we know that is no longer a desperate need as Poland was inundated with clothes.

* Today we had an emergency call for blankets and medicines.  We sent that van with an incredible amount of boxes. That van is going straight to the distribution front line in Poland.  The guy driving will text me and tell me EXACTLY what is needed and we will then let you know.
* Today we also checked, boxed, labelled and moved 2 TONNES of 12 PALLETTES from Amport Church to the lorry pick up (thank you Able & Cole and all the volunteers especially as there were not many but they worked so VERY hard)

* We need MORE VOLUNTEERS but everyone… oh my… was incredible.  We were like a machine and we did more than all of us could believe.  So hats off and so many praises to the volunteers who relentlessly stayed all day or most of it and worked their socks off.

One more thing I want to say.
* we had tears of pain and happiness of kindness and emotions at times high mainly touched by the amazing effort by all from big to small.
* we paused each and every volunteer to take a moment at how overwhelmingly amazing some of the items were or the sheer volume of new stuff you got and we all know we need.
* the volunteers were so hard working we have all been shocked how we did so much and have done our best to receive stuff tomorrow. 
It really is a blessing to see! We have a very amazing town of people!

Volunteer time at:
* St. Mary’s Church, Amport, SP11 8BW > Best location 10am to 5.45pm (looking to extend this)
* if we need drivers to take things to Able & Co (where the lorry is) then I will do another post.

Thanks, Kristan Barraclough


November 2021
Andover West
Please find below an outline of current programmes of work and public information from Hampshire County Council. I hope that this is useful.
If you have any further questions, then please don’t hesitate to contact me at
Kind regards

County Council Updates

As COP-26 conference begins in Glasgow, Hampshire County Council has issued a detailed overview of its work towards tackling climate change, covering the 12 month period since the launch of its Climate Change Strategy. This first Climate Change Annual Progress Report 2020 – 2021 sets out the significant progress that is being made across the county to reduce carbon emissions and ensure that Hampshire is prepared for the impacts of climate change. The work is focused on key areas like reducing emissions from transport, making homes more energy-efficient, generating local renewable energy and protecting and enhancing our natural environment.
The report makes it clear that Hampshire’s residents and communities have a vital role in reducing emissions and preparing for the impacts of climate change in their own homes and through lifestyle choices. Multiple projects have therefore been set up to support communities to be active at a local level.
Among the projects featured is The Greening Campaign which has provided support and advice to 40 Hampshire communities, despite COVID-19, to work through a step-by-step process of reducing their carbon footprint. The first steps include taking very simple actions at a household level, such as reducing how much energy and water they use and to be more energy-efficient.
At another level the focus is on actions to generate more local renewable energy. Together with iChoosr, in March 2021, the County Council launched the first Solar Together Campaign in Hampshire – a scheme that offers high-quality solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and battery storage to help residents generate their own green energy – maximising on bulk buying power to offer competitive prices for the purchase of panels. The County Council is also working with Community Energy South to build a network of community energy projects around the county. Solar Together | Hampshire County Council
Additionally, in supporting households to reduce transport emissions, the County Council secured Government funding for the installation of 50 on-street residential electric vehicle charge points (in Winchester and Eastleigh) and there are plans to extend this wider.
The Annual Report also highlights the critical role the natural environment plays in helping alleviate the impacts of climate change and how investing in initiatives like tree planting (over 1,250 trees during the past 12 months) and the Parish Pollinator Project to make improvements to pollinator habitats in Hampshire’s towns and villages, are essential.
In a separate initiative, Hampshire County Council is offering grants to make community buildings more energy efficient as part of its commitment to combatting climate change. Measures that could be funded include solar panels, LED lighting, window replacements or insulation for buildings such as village halls and community centres. Applications are welcome from parish or town councils as well as community groups in unparished areas of Hampshire. For more information, visit:

Children & Young People
Hampshire’s eligible vulnerable children received food vouchers this October half term, thanks to further funding provided to the County Council by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). £591,810 of funding was granted by Hampshire County Council to schools, colleges and early years settings for the purchase of one £15 voucher per child for the one week October half-term holiday.
Hampshire County Council is also encouraging parents and carers whose children are or may be eligible for benefits related free school meals to sign-up for free holiday and food scheme spaces over the Christmas and Easter holidays. More than 10,000 Hampshire children benefited from free places during this year’s summer holiday. Parents and carers can sign up for free school meals using the Hampshire Online FSM Application ( and find out what activities are offered in their area by searching the Family Information and Services Hub.

Bus Service Improvement Plan
Hampshire County Council has reached the next important milestone in meeting the ambitions of the Government’s ‘Bus Back Better’ strategy – aimed at driving significant improvements in local bus services (outside of London) – with the approval of its proposed Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP). This sets out the vision and the proposed steps that would be taken to achieve higher standards in bus travel in Hampshire. Hampshire’s BSIP aims to be a catalyst for substantially increasing bus use across the whole of the county by creating the conditions that will both attract investment for bus services and infrastructure, as well as grow the number of passengers. A consultation exercise on the proposed BSIP will now be undertaken.

Local Updates for Andover West
The junction at Thruxton Airfield will be completed by spring.
Amesbury Road, Thruxton, is currently being resurfaced.
Manor Road, Andover, is having its pavements resurfaced due to their current poor condition.
I will be taking part in a walk around of King Arthur’s Way next week to look at some solutions to their parking problems.
Over 380 trees fell down across Hampshire last weekend and my thanks go to our countryside team for a swift response in clearing roads across the division.
I am continuing to work with parish councils and Southern Water to look at planning permission for laybys to be installed to prevent embankment erosion and kerb crushing.
Councillor Community Grants
HCC Councillor Community Grants are still open. You can find the application form and criteria at the attached link: County Councillor grants | Hampshire County Council (

Hampshire County Council is backing the NHS call for everyone to ‘Boost your immunity this winter’ by getting the COVID-19 booster and ’flu vaccine. With COVID-19 infection rates continuing to rise across the county, eligible residents are being urged to get their booster and ’flu jabs as soon as possible.
Free flu jabs are available to adults over 50, anyone with a long-term health condition, healthcare workers and carers, most children aged 2-16 years and pregnant women. A free COVID-19 booster is available to adults over 50, carers and health and social care workers, anyone living and working in care homes, people with certain health conditions and people who live with someone who is immunocompromised.
Residents eligible for the COVID-19 booster will be contacted by the NHS – if anyone has not been contacted within a week of reaching six months since their second jab they can call 119 or book online via the NHS National Booking Service. Those who are eligible for a free ’flu vaccine can book an appointment through their GP surgery or local pharmacy. It is not too late to book a first or second dose of the COVID-19 vaccination: anyone aged 16+ can book the vaccine through the National Booking System on the NHS website, go to a walk-in clinic or contact their GP surgery.

Implementation of Gigabit Fibre Broadband in Abbotts Ann, Parts of Amport and Monxton

FREE Fibre Broadband in parts of Amport and Monxton

In January 2021 after lots of technical broadband issues in Abbotts Ann discussions took place with Openreach to upgrade all properties in Abbotts Ann to be paid for using the Government’s voucher system.

The project progressed with more than 80% of the residents in Abbotts Ann signing up. Each residential property signed up would provide £1,500 and £3,000 for business properties meaning the cost of implementation infrastructure by Openreach would be fully paid using the Government’s voucher system.

All was progressing well with Hampshire County Council also putting money into the project when a few weeks ago Openreach suddenly informed us that ALL subscribers to the Abbotts Ann Telephone exchange must be part of the project. They gave us a list of 155 properties we did not know were on the Abbotts Ann exchange and they were all in Amport and Monxton.

So after further dialogue with Openreach the team agreed to widen the project to include properties in Amport and Monxton in the existing project!

Do you want Gigabit fibre to the premises broadband? Surely the answer is “Yes!”

In order to make use of the government funding (to pay for the FTTP upgrade), you must opt IN to the project. You do this by filling in your details, and submitting them here: 

MAKE SURE: If you are a legitimate business, or run a business from home (the Government will check you are a registered company) – you apply as a business – as this increases the funding the government will give to the project.

Please ensure you have signed up by 17 October 2021

You can find most answers to your questions on the FAQ HERE Wherever you see “Abbotts Ann” think Amport and Monxton as well.

You should also view a video by Jeremy Mason one of the project team members who overviews the project HERE

You should also click HERE to find out if your property is eligible for the FTTP free upgrade. If you property is not on the list and you think it should be, then please email

Finally, please encourage everyone to sign up then click HERE to do that.

What is FTTP (Fibre To The Premises)?

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP, or FTTH – Fibre to the Home) is a broadband technology that uses optical fibre to provide broadband and very fast internet speeds.  The optical fibre broadband internet connection from the local exchange is connected to the router in your home, which is much faster, stable and more reliable than the old copper telephone line used by many other broadband services.  The result is you can enjoy very high speeds of up to 1Gbps (gigabits per second).

Why should I take this opportunity?

If you are a regular user of the internet, if you work from home or run a business in the village, you will no doubt be aware of the limitations that the current village infrastructure imposes;  

  • regular drops in internet signal
  • frequent drops in internet speed
  • buffering when watching movies  

These issues will get worse over time, as ever-increasing amounts of data are squeezed down creaking 1950’s cables.  The FTTP gigabit enabled broadband project offers us the chance to upgrade the village infrastructure wholesale, and have it entirely funded by the government. This is a time-limited offer by the Government and should be taken advantage of.  Without government funding, the upgrade costs to households in the future are likely to be in excess of £1,200 per property.

Property value increase

An independent review of the superfast broadband program, conducted by Ipsos Mori, found that the value of homes increased, if they had fibre to the premises, compared with homes without.  The point is, even if you are not a heavy Internet user, it makes sense to take this opportunity to upgrade to FTTP as you are adding value to your property at no cost to yourself.  With more people working from home, this feature will become more critical in the future.


Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator

Your Village Needs You!

David James has been acting as Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator for Monxton for almost eight years and is now looking to recruit a successor.

Neighbourhood Watch (NW) is the largest voluntary organisation in the UK – one in seven homes across the country is a member of a scheme and they work with each other and the Police to reduce crime and the fear of crime in their community.

In Hampshire we have over 4,500 schemes covering about 150,000 homes. In a time of cuts the Police cannot deal with all the problems and issues arising from crime and antisocial behaviour alone. They need the help of the whole Community. NW provides a way for local people to play an important part in addressing this balance and making their communities safer.

The role of the Coordinator involves the need to:

  • Keep contact details of scheme members and ensure this is passed to subsequent coordinators.
  • Welcome new residents, explain NW and encourage them to join.
  • Have a system that allows information to be distributed quickly to your members – i.e. warnings about crimes, incidents or scams. This is currently done via Monxton Matters.
  • Encourage members to report to the Police any criminal or suspicious activity in the area. They should also tell the coordinator, so a warning can be passed on to the neighbours if necessary.
  • Encourage neighbours to get to know each other.
  • Identify your vulnerable neighbours – keep in touch with them.
  • Help neighbours by signposting relevant information.
  • Support local crime and safety initiatives.

Anyone interested in taking on this important role should contact David for more information on 01264 710049 or Additional training and advice will be made available through Hampshire & IoW Neighbourhood Watch Association.