Nelson Lorries

The very large number of lorries going through Monxton currently to enable the movement of material for the works at the top of Georgia Lane (halfway between Monxton and Grateley turn left at the crossroads at Fox Farm) is for the development of roads in the forest for timber logging work, which will take place over the next few years.

The first phase is to build roads using hard-core and other materials through the forest to allow heavy forestry equipment to be moved to the places where trees will be felled and to extract the timber.

The number of lorries has been unprecedented and is more than 100 movements per week according to Nelsons, which is exacerbated when these meet lorries from the Alpine Group.

The council met recently with Mr Nelson and the owners of the site, Mr Patrick Langdown, Junior and Senior plus the TVBC planning enforcement officer Mrs Sam Francis to discuss the lorries and the potential reduction in the number of journeys by having the lorries go fully loaded to the site via Quarley and return from the site via Monxton (the least worst option) which would yield a 50% reduction.

Recently they have acceded to this request by splitting the traffic 50:50 Quarley and Monxton, which has reduced the lorries by 50% but we are still seeing lorries fully loaded coming through the village as a result.

I have urgently requested Mr Langdown this week to request Nelsons use the circular route MPC proposed to further reduce the nuisance caused by the loaded lorries and the vibration caused to the cottages along the High Street, which may be one of the contributing causes of the damage to the walls of properties bordering the High Street and Green Lane including the cottage on the corner of the Abbotts Ann Road and Green Lane namely Monks Foyle Cottage where an internal wall facing Green Lane collapsed.


Monxton Parish Council

2 comments on “Nelson Lorries

  1. David Bateman says:

    These lorries are not just damaging houses they have caused a lot of damage to the roads & drains from the top roundabout (Officers quarters) all the way through the village. I have reported a lot of these but HCC seem to take an age responding or when telephoning I get told that there is no record of complaint. There is subsidence near Army Headquarters (where the road narrows, by MOD Police building. The edge of the road is being churned up with sharp edges exposed opposite Silver Birch farm up to the next farm. This was reported several years ago but nothing has been done about this.


  2. Richard Williams says:

    It is now clear that any agreement with Nelson’s to use a circular route through Quarley and Monxton to reduce the traffic load through the High Street in Monxton is being ignored. The volume of Nelson lorries coming through the High Street during the last couple of weeks has noticeably increased and they are coming through both ways loaded and unloaded (at least 4 lorries during the period 1400-1600hrs Thursday 13 Mar 2014). Worryingly, I have seen more than one driver using a mobile phone with only one hand on the steering wheel while passing my house in the High Street!


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