Monxton Parish Council Meeting: 25 October 2017




  1. Welcome and Apologies
  2. Declaration of Interests
  3. Parish Council Vacancy – Co-option of Mr Andy Stevens
  4. Members of the Public (Pre-booked slots if requested)
  5. Minutes of the Previous Meeting sign that they are correct
  6. Planning
  7.  Reports:
    • Environment & Footpaths
    • Traffic
    • Neighbourhood Watch
    • Sunnybank
    • Financial Report
  8. Update on Alpine Group & Manor Farm, Abbotts Abb
  9. Update on the Black Swan pub and village green
  10. Use of Village Hall parking
  11. HCC and TVBC reports (if provided)
  12. Correspondence
  13. Close of the meeting

Date of next meeting to be confirmed –  January 2018




Has Anyone Seen Reggie

Reggie is a grey tabby cat belonging to Maggie Nicholls at Well Cottage.
He prowls Monxton sporting a distinctive orange high-vis vest. He covers quite a bit of territory so most of you will probably have seen him.
He did not come home last night, which is not like him, and Maggie thinks he may have been shut in someone’s shed or outhouse.

If you have any information please call Maggie on 07957618144

Looking Up – new church service – Sunday 15th October

You are invited to

“Looking UP”

a new service at Monxton church

finding God – being found by God


Sunday 15th October 4pm
3.45pm: hot chocolate and doughnuts
4.00pm-ish: worship begins
4.45pm: home time!

We want you to feel welcome and at ease – so no dressing-up, no books – (everything on data projector)

Featuring: “Strictly Doughnut”: can your dad eat one without licking his lips? And what has this to do with the love of God?

And if we don’t laugh a lot we’ve missed out on the nature of God

See YOU there 

PS keyboard, sax and guitar band. Would you like to join in? (any age)

Matthew – 07960 299 434 and 

Christmas Shoebox Appeal

This year St. Mary’s Church, Monxton, will be making up Christmas shoeboxes for distribution by Andover Foodbank.

Last year Andover Foodbank distributed more than 650 Christmas gift boxes to local children.  These are some of the comments received by the Foodbank.

“Shortage of money and anxiety make it very difficult at Christmas. The shoe boxes were a huge help and had such lovely things in them that it made Christmas for us.”

“Like all parents we want to try and make Christmas as special as we can.  Without your kind donations this just wouldn’t be possible, it’s such a great feeling knowing my kids will have presents to open.”

Not only have you provided a physical gift but happiness and a much-needed morale boost that money cannot buy.” – Children’s Services

If you would like to make up a whole shoebox or donate some items, then we can provide you with a list of different age groups and examples of what to pack.  We also have a limited supply of empty shoeboxes.

If you would like to join with us then please contact Charmian on 710221 or Valerie on 772030 for more information.

We will be delivering our shoeboxes to the Foodbank on Friday 10th November.

Alternatively, you may wish to donate cash online at

Many thanks,

St. Mary’s Monxton



Winter & Cars

It’s time to think about preparing your car for winter. If you use your car all year round then it’s not so much of a problem, but many of us still take our vehicles for granted and a little care would save money and increase the life (and value) of our cars.

Do ensure your car radiator is topped up with anti-freeze (which is also coolant – so should be in the car year round). There are different colours of anti-freeze/coolant now. For modern cars use the red, orange or pink OAT (Organic Acid Technology). This antifreeze is best avoided in classic cars, as it can soften hoses and attack some metal alloys.  Just use a regular mixture of one-third ethylene glycol antifreeze and two-thirds water (preferably soft or distilled). Ethylene glycol is the blue or green stuff that’s been around for years – and can be used in any car of any age. We’ve yet to find anything it disagrees with. Change it every two years if you’re feeling keen – that’s the minimum lifespan of the anticorrosive agents added.

Winter Tyres
It can be well worth in investing in a set of winter tyres if you do a fair bit of driving. Most UK cars are fitted with summer tyres and some with all-season tyres. But winter tyres are designed specifically to remain supple in colder temperatures and maximise traction when driving on snow and ice. They are good at gripping in cold, damp conditions below 7degC, and offer improved traction on slippery surfaces.
The key differences are:

  • they use a softer rubber compound (usually by including more natural rubber in the mix)
  • the surface of the tread blocks is covered with little jagged slits – called sipes
  • they generally have deeper tread grooves than conventional summer tyres.

Read more here

Car Storage
If you have a car for occasional use then it makes sense to store your car properly. With even modest classic cars holding their values and with some increasing hugely, it makes sense to take these precautions to minimise deterioration during the season when the elements will be doing their best to reduce your pride and joy to its constituent elements. It is no wonder that many thousands of classic and sports cars now spend the winter in the care of specialist storage facilities where these issues are all addressed professionally, often for less than the equivalent cost of a pint of bitter per day!

  1. Control moisture. Damp will cause damage to both interior and exterior, and controlling the humidity in which your car is stored is very important. The high levels of relative humidity in the atmosphere combined with changes in temperature can cause condensation to form on your car, even indoors and under covers, and this will encourage corrosion. Hot air can hold more moisture than cold, so a heated garage without effective dehumidification isn’t necessarily the answer – a properly humidity controlled environment is what is required.
  2. Clean and cover. Damp will linger in dirt and mud hidden in wheel arches and cavities, helping corrosion. Cleaning the interior and removing anything that might be attractive to wildlife will discourage fungal growth, infestation and consequent damage. Make sure your storage is proof against vermin that will think a warm and dry environment is ideal for their winter quarters too, and that your car’s upholstery and wiring could be used to make a cosy nest. Give your car a thorough clean and polish, and use a soft, breathable cover to protect paintwork. Check for drips from leaky roofs and condensation that could mark the paintwork permanently.
  3. Check your fluid levels and make sure that you have the correct concentration of antifreeze in the coolant. Fill up with fuel and use a fuel preserving agent to prevent the fuel from degrading. Modern petrol contains ethanol which is hygroscopic, eventually attracting water from the atmosphere. This can lead to fuel forming deposits in the fuel system leading to starting and running issues. Filling the tank prevents condensation forming and causing corrosion on the inside of the tank.
  4. Invest in a battery conditioner and keep your battery on trickle charge. When parked up for storage if possible leave the handbrake off (using chocks instead) to prevent the brakes from seizing on. Keep tyres pumped to around 40-50psi to prevent flat spotting.
  5. Start the car once a month, and go for a short drive on a dry day, avoiding salted roads. This will help to keep moving parts free. Avoid just starting the car and running up to temperature – engine parts like valve springs and bearings need to move to keep them operating properly.

For local car storage in Andover, in a secure, discrete, clean, climate-controlled building then please get in touch with Classic Car Story. Call 07831 657 193 or email

Monxton vs Amport Sporting Challenge – Sunday 17 September


Monxton vs Amport: summer sporting challenge – Sunday 17 September, Amport Green, 2.30pm
The next Monxton vs Amport sporting head to head has been decided! A rounders/ baseball competition on Amport Green. Sunday 17th September, starting at 2.30pm.This will be very much a family event with the idea to have an U10’s game & then another game for everyone else.

The tally stands at 1-1. So will it be Monxton or Amport who shine on the pitch & take the lead… we will have to see…

Just turn up to take part in some friendly competition.☀️🌳

Ride & Stride 9 September

More than 30 Counties throughout England (and more recently Wales) are involved in the sponsored Ride and Stride.

This takes place on the second Saturday of September between 10am and 6pm.

This year the date is 9th September 2017

You can cycle, walk, run, or ride to raise money for the region’s historic churches and chapels of all denominations. Participants seek sponsorship to visit as many churches on the yearly list as they wish. They plan their own route and set their own speed. The money raised by each participant is equally divided between the historic churches trust in their region and the church of their choice.

This year David Baugh will be cycling to raise money for our local church, St Mary’s Monxton.

Please support St Mary’s by sponsoring David by telephone on 710641 or via