Road Safety and Horses

Since 2010, 38 riders and 222 horses have been killed in accidents on Britain’s roads. This has inspired the release of a film highlighting the consequences of dangerous driving.

Watch Video Here

The video features riders out hacking and ties in with the Police force’s ‘Lose the Blinkers’ road safety campaign, which was launched last month. A driver is shown failing to anticipate the presence of horses on the road ahead with dramatic consequences.

The campaign, supported by the British Horse Society, aims to reduce horse and rider injuries and deaths as a result of vehicles passing too closely and quickly.

Motorists have also been stopped by officers and educated about the hazards of passing horses incorrectly when their behaviour requires improvement.

This month the force is moving onto the “enforcement phase” of the campaign, and urges all road users to “take care and drive or ride appropriately at all times”.

“We recognise the vulnerability riders experience on our roads and this campaign is aimed at both riders and those who may come across them, as we all share the same road and need to show mutual respect,” said inspector Janet Dickie.

“I am urging all drivers to give horses as much room as possible when you pass, as failure to give sufficient space is considered careless or even dangerous driving. Drivers may face prosecution if they do not pass with suitable care.

“Likewise, I am urging all horse riders to make sure they are as visible as possible, particularly as the days shorten, by wearing high visibility clothing, using lights and giving clear signals.”


  • Wear hi-vis clothing regardless of the weather or light conditions
  • Ony ride two abreast where necessary and it’s safe to do so
  • Be courteous to drivers who react


  • Remember hazards can lurk around every corner
  • Watch out for warning signs
  • Always be able to stop in the distance you can see to be clear
  • Drive to the conditions
  • Speed limits are ADVISORY – not targets!


Traffic Restrictions around Andover Airfield site – please read!

An update about Goodman’s appeal to lift traffic restrictions from/to Andover Business Park, putting at risk communities along the A3057, A342, A343, A338, B3048 and Monxton Road.

In 2009 Goodman were finally given permission to construct a huge storage and distribution depot on Andover Business Park amidst vocal opposition which feared our roads and villages would be blighted by a daily (and nightly) flow of hundreds, if not thousands, of HGVs. These fears were partially placated by stringent traffic routeing restrictions being imposed that more or less confined lorries travelling to and from the Business Park to the A303 and A34. These conditions are notionally enforced by a camera system that detects lorries using prohibited routes and by fines for transgressions.

However, in their latest application for yet more storage and distribution sheds Goodman have requested that these traffic restrictions should be lifted and this would immediately put at risk communities along the A3057, A342, A343, A338, B3048 and Monxton Road such as Stockbridge, Kings Somborne, Ludgershall, The Collingbournes, Nether Wallop, Hurstbourne Tarrant, Shipton Bellinger, Tidworth, Longparish, Monxton, Grateley and this is not a complete list.

Monxton Parish Council has, of course, strongly objected to this application.

Ugly Duckling Pop-Up Pub 22 December

The inaugural pop-up pub night last Friday was a huge success with well over 70 people attending. Everyone agreed it was very enjoyable and very sociable, with a lovely mix of people from across both Monxton and Amport. We raised just over £200 for the village hall from the profits.

As everyone who attended said they would like the Ugly Duckling to become a regular fixture, the next pub night is planned for Friday 22 December. Since this will be the last day before the Christmas break for many people, we hope that you will come and join for a Festive drink or three.

The evening will start earlier, at 6pm, so children can also attend. Put the date (Friday 22 December)  in your diary and there will be more details to follow soon…

A303 Closures

Following the closure of the A303 over the weekend which saw the waterproofing material within the eastbound carriageway replaced, we are now working to replace the joints and replacing material on the A303 westbound carriageway at the A3093 Picket Twenty junction.

To allow the work to be undertaken in a safe environment, the following closures of the A303 have been scheduled:

  • Monday 20 to Friday 24 November (5 nights, between 9pm to 6am) – full closure of the A303 westbound from the A3093 Picket Twenty junction to the A342/A343 Hundred Acre junction
  • Monday 27 to Wednesday 29 November (3 nights, between 9pm to 6am) – full closure of the A303 westbound from the A3093 Picket Twenty junction to the A342/A343 Hundred Acre junction

In addition, the A303 westbound carriageway from the A3093 Picket Twenty junction to the A342/A343 Hundred Acre junction will be closed over the first weekend in December, from 9pm on Friday 1 December through to 6am on Monday 4 December.

During these closures a clearly signed diversion will be in place via the A3093, Churchill Way, Northern Avenue (A3057), Redon Way, Churchill Way West and A343.

Signs advertising these closures will be erected in advance at the junction.