Bollards outside Monxton Manor

As you have probably noticed there are some new bollards outside Monxton Manor, adjacent to the church and village hall. Hampshire Highways carried out a number of site visits to assess both the verge and the traffic situation along that stretch of road and the corner between Bec House and Corner Cottage. These bollards have been installed on Highways-owned land, by Hampshire Highways for a number of reasons:

  • To protect the listed wall of Monxton Manor (which will soon be repaired as consent has been granted)
  • To protect the drain running under the verge, which is in danger of collapse (and could therefore cause more flooding)
  • To improve the state of the verge, particularly in winter. There will be subsequent works to the ground, as the rubber matting installed some 10 years ago is no longer fit for purpose. HCC will improve on this whilst still keeping the grass on the verge.
  • To slow traffic down going around the corner as the road is narrowed when cars are parked there.
  • HCC Highways engineers recommended the narrowing of the road, and there are plans to move the white lines in the road too, to ‘visually’ narrow the road, as the best way of slowing traffic, without cluttering the rural environment with signs or road markings.
  • HCC Highways wanted to install the bollards closer to the road but we compromised to still allow parking for users of the village hall and church.

Even when cars are parked along this stretch of verge the cars do not need to protrude more than 12-18” into the road. Many measurements were taken to ensure that the road would still be wide enough even with cars parked along here. Where the bollards are located, even with cars parked along that entire stretch, the road is 5.5 metres at the widest point, and narrowing to 4.5 metres by the church gates. Measurements were taken from the wing mirror of a standard car to the far edge of the tarmac of the wall of Bec House. There is still another 30cm-plus of ‘verge’ between the tarmac and the wall. Yet just around the corner, the road narrows to just 4 metres between the wall of Bec House and the hedge of Corner Cottage.

The vast majority of cars are between 1.6m and 2m wide, including wing mirrors. The maximum width for any tractor, bus or vehicle to use the highways in the UK is 2.55m. That means that at most of the points past Monxton Manor it possible to fit 2 tractors passing within the 5.5m road width, and it’s comfortable with two cars passing each other, even with other cars parked on the verge.

Where a road is narrowed, to help control vehicle speeds, for example, the minimum carriageway width (kerb to kerb) is 3.7 metres. So even the 4 metre road width by Corner Cottage is still 30cm more than the minimum requirements.

One comment on “Bollards outside Monxton Manor

  1. Hugh Corroon says:

    It was my understanding that the fundamental position of the Highway Authority is that noone is permitted to park on that section of the verge next to the old brick wall. HOWEVER, we are in a needs must situation in terms of parking for the village hall – a situation where the current parking availability close to the village hall is insufficient. Therefore, there is a certain balance to be struck. But it should be made very clear that in no way does the Highway Authority condone or authorise parking on that verge. It is a verge close to a dangerous bend in the road with no visibility of any oncoming traffic to those parked there. Those who wish to park there park at their own risk.
    It was also my understanding, having spoken to the Highway Authority prior to the bollards being put in, that one of the principal concerns of the Highway Authority was maintaining or improving the aesthetic appearance of the village generally. It can be argued that the bollards fall short of that endeavour, but the intention was to discourage parking to a certain degree while keeping a section of the verge between the bollards and the wall free for undisturbed walking (close to a dangerous bend) and kept looking relatively pristine as opposed to the mud slide created by the cars that were previously parking in that space (especially during the winter months). I was given a choice of what bollards to put in and I chose the shortest ones possible and a style that I thought was as neutral as possible. Any issues with the appearance of the actual bollards can be directed at me!


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