Andover Police Survey

Andover Neighbourhood Policing Team need to know what priorities local communities, residents and businesses believe the Police locally, should concentrate on. Our views, together with those of the Hampshire PCC, Home Office and other partner agencies are reviewed and a plan is drawn up for the coming year.

There will be 3 priorities set for the District. Below you will find a link to an on line survey asking for your views. Could I ask that you all consider completing the survey and to pass on the link to as many interested parties you can, so the widest and most diverse opinions can be collected for consideration.

The Neighbourhood Policing Teams role is to identify threats to the safety of residents and businesses, evaluate risks to vulnerable people and communities and address the harm caused by offenders by taking targeted action against those who are the most prolific offenders and to bring them to justice. Policing priorities are therefore to be set against those demands.

Your support would be appreciated.
David James

2 comments on “Andover Police Survey

  1. Peter Parfrey says:

    Just completed this very short survey
    Worthwhile opportunity to place` traffic nuisance and speeding` as the main concern for many of us


  2. Adrian Drage says:

    Done mine also, with traffic high on the agenda. If we all complete this short survey then the message will be clear – both to the Constabulary and to those who seek our vote in the up-coming County Council Election.
    Vox Populi!


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