Parish Council Minutes – 22 July 2015

Minutes of the Monxton Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday 22nd July 2015 in the Monxton Village Hall at 7.30pm.

Present : Cllr M Cleugh – Chairman, Cllr S Dowding – Vice Chairman, Cllr J Balding, Cllr D Bateman, Cllr P Parfrey, Richard Waterman – Parish Clerk. Members of the Public – 4

Apologies: Borough Councillor Mr B Few-Brown and County Councillor Mrs Z Brooks


WELCOME – The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

DECLARATION OF INTEREST – There were no declarations of interest recorded.

MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC – There were no requests to address the Parish Council.

MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING – The Chairman signed the minutes of the previous meeting as a true record.

15/01363/FULLN – Removal of existing boot room and the erection of ground floor extension to provide study and reception room and first floor extensions to provide bedroom, ensuite and dressing room with associated internal and external works; and erection of replacement 3 bay garage – Abbotts Mead, Chalkpit Lane.

The Parish Council OBJECTED to this planning application. Cllr Judith Balding read out several letters of objection to this planning application that have been submitted to TVBC from neighbouring residents.

15/01254/LBWN – Installation of externally illuminated and non-illuminated signage and lights to the exterior of the building – The Black Swan, High Street, Monxton.

The Parish Council had NO OBJECTIONS to this planning application.

ALPINE GROUP – The Chairman reported that unfortunately Keir has pulled out of the property deal and the Alpine Group are working hard to find another developer, this has put the move to the Walworth Industrial Site on hold. There have been several incidents of large long Lorries trying to access the Alpine Group site and they have caused problems for residents.

FOX WOOD, GEORGIA LANE – TVBC Officers went to visit the site on the 15th June 2015 and were denied access, a further site meeting was scheduled for the date of this meeting. Nelsons have applied for a permit for a 100,000 tonnes of material to be used for the building of the tracks in Fox Wood. Nelsons has lodged an appeal.



THE PILLHILL BROOK – The water levels are very low in the Pillhill Brook at the moment, and consequently, no water is able to flow over the top of the replacement weir into the main river channel of the brook. There is a trickle of water seeping through the base, but it is important that the water levels remain sufficient to ensure that this section of the brook does not dry out again.

TEST VALLEY FLOODING FORUM – Cllr Judith Balding attended a Test Valley Flooding Forum on behalf of MPC in June, where there was a panel of representatives from TVBC, HCC and the EA, Hampshire Constabulary and Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service. The forum included updates from the EA and HCC on the work which is being done around flood alleviation and the new preventative measures which are now in place throughout Test Valley.

A household Emergency Action Plan has been produced, which covers emergencies such as floods. Further details of this will be put on the Monxton Matters Website.

FRACKING UPDATE – The government had previously said it would impose an ‘outright ban’ on fracking in national Parks and Sites of Special Scientific Interest. But they seem to have sidestepped this by proposing rules which appear to suggest that fracking will be allowed under National Parks and other conservation and national beauty sites, so long as it involves drilling sideways from outside the park. When it comes to SSSL’s and groundwater protection zones the rules are very vague. According to a DECC statement, the new rules will say that fracking can only take place1,200 metres below groundwater zones, National Parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and World Heritage Sites. There are concerns that conservation sites could become surrounded by fracking rigs and that sample drilling could be allowed via this loophole in the regulations.

TREE APPLICATIONS – Fell 1 Cedar at Monxton Mill, High Street – NO OBJECTION.

FOOTPATHS AND BRIDLEWAYS – Cllr Judith Balding has contacted HCC again, asking for the broken stile to be repaired on footpath 6.


  • A grant of £1000 has been received from the Police towards the Speed Watch equipment.
  • HCC have installed the bollards on the Little Green including an additional 9, there has been some discussion about the additional bollards and residents have asked for 5 to remain on the Little Green. Cllr Sarah Dowding is meeting on site with HCC to discuss sites where the other 4 bollards can be used.
  • The Salt Bin by the pond has disappeared, this will be reported to Highways.
  • The co-op lorry monitoring system was discussed, TVBC will be asked if the system is still functional as there seems to have been an increase in Co op

Lorries through the village of late.

  • An increase in Clegg and Booking Coaches travelling through the village has been noted. The Clerk will contact Clegg and Booking
  • It was promised that the Village Gateways and extension to the speed limit would be installed in 2015/2016. TVBC will be contacted during September for an up-date.


  • The Village Agent Scheme is under discussion
  • The Village Hall Committee are looking at refurbishing the hall, an Architect has been engaged and has come up with plans to improve the hall.
  • The Village will be asked to fill in a questionnaire for their views on the proposals.
  • Unfortunately parking will still be an issue, but it is hoped that the planned refurbishment will encourage more use of the hall from the village for parties etc.


ACCOUNTS – 1st April 2015 – 22nd July 2015


Opening Balance BF      = £5,293.92

Plus ½ precept             = £2,600.00

Police Grant                 = £1,000.00




Wages                         =   £800.00

Insurance                     =   £410.44

Play Ground Inspection =     £65.40

Village Maintenance       =   £705.00

Dog Bins                       =   £130.08

Speed Watch Scheme   =   £137.88

Administration              =   £117.80

Chairman’s Expenses   =   £   68.77


BALANCE IN BANK       =  £6,458.55


£2000.00 for Traffic Calming

£1000.00 for Village Project/Maintenance

The Clerk reported that the new Lloyd bank account is now set up and the first half of the 2015/16 precept has been paid in. A letter to HSBC is to be sent closing the bank account and asking for the funds to be transferred to the Lloyds account


  • 2 of the road drains have been repaired and subsidence at the edge of the road has been reported to Highways.
  • Part of the bank on the Monxton Road opposite Silver Birch Farm has been worn away by large Lorries, this has been reported to Highways and they have agreed to re-build the bank.
  • Several requests have been sent to HCC to cut the Bridleway.
  • The Rubbish Bin has now been installed in the lay-by between Sunnybank and Monxton Village.


The Police have now changed the way the NHW information is sent to the Co-ordinators. Rouge Traders are in the area and there is a new run of phone scams.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS – The Parish Council were asked if planning permission is required for a mirror on the road verge. TVBC will be contacted for clarification.

CLOSE OF THE MEETING – The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.

DATE OF THE NEXT MEETING – 23rd September 2015 in the Monxton Village Hall at 7.30pm

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