Monxton Neighbourhood Watch
David James
01264 710049

19 September 2018

As nobody else seems to want to take on the job of Neighbourhood Watch coordinator, and as I now have some time, I thought I would try and take up where I left off.

This has also been prompted by the increase in fraudulent activity being visited on our community, a number of instances of which have been reported to me. For this reason I hope that the latest Police initiative will interest you.

From now until Christmas, the Office of the Police Crime Commissioner is running a Fraud Scamnesty campaign. Targeting the older and vulnerable members of our communities in particular, it encourages people to report scams, provides advice on how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud, and aims to raise awareness of the financial and emotional impact that fraud can have on victims.

In partnership with Hampshire Constabulary colleagues and Neighbourhood Watch, members of the team will be at a number of Fraud Roadshow events across the Hampshire policing area and will support those working with older and vulnerable people in spotting the signs and providing the right help and advice. Scamnesty boxes have also been placed in libraries and Citizens Advice Bureaus to allow people to post details of scams that they have received, anonymously if they so wish, which will then be used for further analysis.

A full list of participating libraries and CABs as well as a list of roadshow events can be found on the PCC website:
For those unable to access the link to the website the Friday Fraud Roadshow will be at Tesco in Andover on 26th October from 09.30 to 15.30.

I am available if anyone needs advice, please note change of email address.

David James

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