Playground Refurbishment Project on Amport Green

For some time now, there has been growing interest from across our community to see the refurbishment of the playground on Amport Green. It is not only looking tired, but some of the equipment is no longer fit for purpose and ultimately there is a strong feeling that the existing equipment is not adequate for an increase of younger families and children within our villages. As such a small committee has been established, working in conjunction with Amport Parish Council, to carefully consider and seek funding for a more appropriate collection of equipment within the playground.

In consultation with Fawns, one of the UK’s leading playground equipment providers, the committee has consciously considered the overall look & feel and spread of equipment within our playground in order to provide adequate and appropriate equipment for toddlers; Key Stage 1 (4-7 years) & Key Stage 2 (8-13 yrs) children. Importantly they have looked to retain any key pieces of useable equipment, replacing older items with more updated designs as well as adding a few new pieces of equipment. The new additions include three picnic tables, the jungle trail (developing agility and coordination amongst children) and small wooden shelter. The small shelter is an open, circular, wooden structure which offers villagers a place to meet in company on the green, protected from rain or providing shade and on occasion it would also be used by Amport School as a place for outdoor learning.

Amport Parish Council & the Playground Refurbishment Committee are incredibly excited about the new plans. We have already sourced funding from a combination of local sources and grants, so this project can finally be realised. We hope you are also pleased with the layout and choice of equipment. It is important to note (and as the plan illustrates) all the equipment will sit within the existing tree-lined area on Amport Green, it will not encroach on the Green any further, allowing us all to enjoy its full use and potential as we already do.

Should you have any questions, please get in touch before Monday 8th October.

Ian Long (Chair of Amport Parish Council):
Jonny Kitson: (Amport Parish Council / Playground Refurbishment Committee)
Gemma Pearce (Playground Refurbishment Committee):

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