Alert for Dog Owners

The Ramridge/Clanville NHW put out an alert that on 14th August 2020 a Ramridge resident returned home from walking her dog to discover wet paint on her gate latch.

There are many posts going around at the moment about dog napping in surrounding villages – in particular people are being asked to be vigilant & look out for a ‘grey van’ with two men inside who are hunting out houses with potential dogs.

They appear to be looking for medium sized older dogs.  White paint is being dabbed on potential dog owning homes – either on walls or pathways or anywhere as a signal for dog nappers. Cable ties are also being hooked around posts as a sign.

With thanks to Bridget Goddard in Ramridge who kindly shared this with a local NHW coordinator.   These are some of the signs being used outside properties to indicate a dog which is a potential target, along with anything from small piles of stones, bits of ribbon, coloured card or paper.  Please keep a eye out in the village for these signs and please report anything suspicious to the police on 101 and Judith Balding, Vice Chair, Monxton Parish Council on


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