Motor Event 26th September

Autumn Leaves – 26/27 September 2020

Dear residents of Monxton,

This event is being organised by us in accordance with the Motor Vehicles (Competitions and Trials) Regulations and the General Regulations of the Royal Automobile Club, Motorsports UK Ltd.  This is a navigation event; please be assured that is not a race. Vehicles are run at one minute intervals.

This event will come into the village via Broad Road and turn right into Chalkpit Lane. Then cross Abbots Ann Road to turn right at the end of Chalkpit Lane on to Andover Road, leaving the village on the Byway on the left.  The first car should arrive at the 30mph sign at about 9.00pm on 26 September and leave the village about 4 minutes later; the last car will be about 30 minutes after that. The village is deemed to be a ‘Quiet Zone’ and will be marshalled to ensure that competitors drive quietly and slowly.

Motor rallies and trials are permitted through the provisions contained in Section 1, of the Road Traffic Act 1988 and detailed in the Motor Vehicles (Competitions and Trials) Regulations.  In seeking authorisation the relevant Police Authority and where applicable National Park Authority have been notified in accordance with the legislation.  However, if you have any concerns I’ll be grateful if you get in touch with me to discuss them, my contact details are below.

The British Army Motorsports Association is grateful for your cooperation and tolerance, particularly as this is a valuable training and recreational activity for young service personnel.  It also enables service personnel to participate in sport with members of the community which they serve.

Yours faithfully

Bernard Stevens, Event Director.

077 7575 3763


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3 comments on “Motor Event 26th September

  1. Adrian Drage says:

    It is unclear from this post whether the rally intends to drive on paved roads only or also on unpaved roads/tracks. If the latter who is to repair/make good any damage involved? The initial part of Chalkpit Lane, as described above, is as we all know unpaved and will soon turn into a muddy track. The exit from the village “leaving the village on the Byway on the left” unless referring to Red Post Lane, which is of course is paved, can only be via an unpaved track. Is this in order? And again who will make good any damage to both tracks?
    Perhaps the Parish Council has a view, let alone other villagers? Finally I presume that the occupants of Chalkpit Lane will be required to remain in their properties/drives during the transit of the rally as well as traffic being prevent from entering Chalkpit Lane from the Andover Road/High Street Junction or we may have hold-ups.
    I wonder if the organisers have selected the most appropriate route through the village; have they done a ground recce or is the itinerary taken entirely from an OS Map? Just a thought.
    Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted!


  2. Sarah Dowding says:

    It does sound like it’s an event for 4WD/4×4 cars only if the route is as highlighted. Therefore I can only imagine that there will be wear and tear/damage to the tracks/routes on the unpaved sections.

    One hopes that the British Army Motorsports Association and their marshalls will monitor the damage and make good any issues afterwards. However, it would be good to have the reassurance that this will happen. Perhaps photographs of the tracks before the event would be prudent?


  3. Judith Balding says:

    Thank you Adrian and Sarah for your comments. MPC contacted the BAMA, who confirmed that this was a rally for off road 4×4 Army Land Rovers. They did eventually agree to use an alternative route and MPC did suggest that, in the future, the BAMA and Motorsport UK, who approved the original route, liaise with the Parish Councils of the villages they intend to drive through, prior to deciding on a route.
    Cllr Judith Balding


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