Theft in Monxton

There has been a theft in Monxton between 9-10.30 am on 8 Jun 2022.

Two men were seen walking away towards chalk pit lane after the theft. Cash and jewellery has been stolen. Please be vigilant and report any suspicious vehicles or activity and keep a watchful eye out on your neighbours property if you know they are away.


Would those villagers whose properties abut the brook please not allow
any garden waste reach the brook. A lot  has been carried downstream and
at this time of the year with low water it settles on the rafts of
Rununculus weed and becomes an unpleasant sight. This then becomes the
task of the bank owner to clear it. In the lower reaches beyond the
bridge, where the current is slower the accumulation of flotsam has come
close to causing flooding.

Parish Council meeting May 5th 2022


There will be a meeting of Monxton Parish Council at 7.30 pm on Thursday 5th May 2022 at Monxton Village Hall. All Councillors are requested to participate. Members of the public are welcome to attend the meeting alternatively they can email items for discussion to the Clerk, Heather Bourner

For further information please contact The Clerk

Heather Bourner

Clerk to Monxton Parish Council

01264 773976

  1. Apologies for Absence Welcome and Apologies. 
  2. Election of Chairman & Vice Chairman
  3. Readoption of standing orders, finance regulations and code of conduct
  4. Public Participation
  5. Declarations of Interest
  6. Minutes & matters arising       
  7. Reports to include

Village Hall update


           Environment & Footpaths



  • Planning

Applications since previous meeting:-

22/00453/TREEN, tree works, The Chesters, Green Lane- no objections

22/00561/TREEN-tree works, Brewery House, Green Lane-no objections

22/00418/FULLN, erection of greenhouse, Little Cottage- no objections

22/00601/FULLN, ground floor extension, Shoetree Cottage- no objection

22/00615/FULLN- erection of security fencing gates and barriers and security hut, Andover business park, no objection

22/00921/TREEN tree works, land adjacent to Field House- no objection

Applications to be considered

22/01147/FULLN, erection of agricultural building, land between Homelea & Madonna, Andover Road

Confirmation of outcome from TVBC

21/03241/LBWN replace 2 ground floor windows, Meadow View-consent

2103606/TRRE, tree works, Garden Cottage, Chalk Pit Lane- no objections

2200104/TREEN, tree works, Monxton Man

or-no objection

22/00453/TREEN, tree works, The Chesters, Green Lane- no objections

220561/TREEN tree works, Brewery House, Green Lane no objection

  • County and Borough Councillors Report
  • Correspondence
  • Any other Business

Date of Next Meeting- 7.30 pm on Tuesday 12th July 2022

Action Fraud: Scams

Action Fraud (NFIB)
More than £50 million was lost last year to scams where victims are tricked into handing over control of their computer or smartphone to criminals.

New data from Action Fraud, the national reporting centre for fraud and cybercrime, reveals that 20,144 people fell victim to scams where they were persuaded to grant criminals remote access to their device. Victims reported losing a total of £57,790,384 – an average loss of £2,868 per victim.  

What are remote access scams?
Remote Access scams will often begin with a browser pop-up saying that your computer is infected with a virus, or maybe a call from someone claiming to be from your bank saying that they need to connect to your computer in order to cancel a fraudulent transaction on your account. Regardless of the narrative the fraudster’s use, their goal is to steal your money or access your financial information by tricking you into allowing them to remotely connect to your computer. 

Detective Chief Inspector Craig Mullish, from the City of London Police, said: “While remote access tools are safe when used legitimately, we want the public to be aware that they can be misused by criminals to perpetrate fraud. We often see criminals posing as legitimate businesses in order to trick people into handing over control of their computer or smartphone. “You should only install software or grant remote access to your computer if you’re asked by someone you know and trust, such as a friend or family member, and never as a result of an unsolicited call, browser pop-up or text message.” 

How to protect yourself 
Only install software or grant remote access to your computer if you’re asked by someone you know and trust, such as a friend or family member, and never as a result of an unsolicited call, browser pop up, or text message.

Remember, a bank or service provider will never contact you out of the blue requesting remote access to your device. If you believe your laptop, PC, tablet or phone has been infected with a virus or some other type of malware, follow the NCSC’s guidance on recovering an infected device. Protect your money by contacting your bank immediately on a different device from the one the scammer contacted you on. Report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or via If you are in Scotland, please report to Police Scotland directly by calling 101.  
Message Sent By
Action Fraud
(Action Fraud, Administrator, National)

Update from Southern Water

Southern Water has confirmed the project team have decided to postpone High Street Monxton sewer lining work, in week commencing 31/01/22, on health and safety grounds.

There would have been two separate road closures in place, HCC and Southern Water, in order to complete the work in the High Street. There is a reasonable and justifiable risk that two different sets of diversion / information signs, as you approach the four way junction with Green Lane and Abbotts Ann Road, could cause a driver to become confused and distracted.

There are also two blind turnings as you approach this junction and motorists may find themselves in difficulties, which is something we are keen to avoid.

We will be looking to reschedule these works once HCC are complete and have removed their traffic management and diversion.