MPC Meeting Minutes – 30th April 2013

Minutes of the Monxton Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 30th April 2013 in the Monxton Village Hall at 8pm.


Present : Cllr Katrina Saville – Chairperson

Cllr Mike Cleugh – Vice Chairman

Cllr John Chaffey

Cllr David Eaglesham

Richard Waterman – Parish Clerk

County Councillor Mrs Pat West

Alan King Footpaths representative

Members of the Public – 31

Apologies : Cllr Sarah Dowding, Robert Davis and Borough Councillor

Ben Few-Brown.


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the new Parish Clerk Richard Waterman.


There were no declarations of interest recorded.


The Chairman signed the minutes of the 5th March 2013 as a true record. Matters arsing from those minutes :-

BENCHES FOR THE VILLAGE GREEN – The Parish Council are waiting for the third quote before progressing with the purchase of the benches.

TREES OVERHANGING THE RIVER – The Clerk was asked to contact Clive Hutchins for a quote as the work needed to be done.

GIVE WAY SIGN AT DLO – There has been no response to the letter sent to the Army Camp. It was noted that a Stop sign has been painted on to the road surface.

COMPLAINT TO AMPORT PARISH COUNCIL – Blocked Footpath Access at Manor Farm. Cllr Mr Ian Morrison the Chairman of Amport Parish Council has replied stating that he thought that the matter had been dealt with last Christmas. It was noted that the obstruction has been removed and the path is clear.

VILLAGE COMPOST HEAP – The Parish Council though that this seems to be working well.

PILLHILL BROOK – The Pillhill Brook has been dammed by an Abbots Ann resident and has had a knock on serious effect some residents in Monxton causing flooding to their fields at the western end of the village. The Environment Agency were contacted and have investigated the complaint. The owner has been told to reduce the level of the dam to allow water to flow down the original path of the river.

Cllr Mrs P West reported that a meeting is to be called for all interested parties, the flow of the water has been diverted by the dam to flow down the mill race instead of the original river and this needs addressing. Cllr Mrs P west felt that the way forward is to work together and keep talking.

New Flood Plain maps have been produced by the Environment Agency, copies were given to the Parish Council along with a recent photograph showing the flooded fields.

NOTICE BOARDS – The Clerk reported that he can get exterior Notice Boards from a reliable supplier for £195 each. The Parish Council agreed to purchase two and asked the Clerk to order them.

DAMAGED MIRROR – A replacement mirror has been purchased and erected.


FOOTPATHS – Alan King.

The on-going issues both from and since the last Parish Council Meeting on the 5th March 2013 are as follows :-

(1), (2) & (3) Resolved

(4) the fingerpost north of the bridge on the north side of the A303 footpath is down.

(5) signage is missing at the end of Boat 12 where it meets the Grateley Road at

Oaklahoma Farm.

(6) the track up to the “crossroads” from Sunny Bank (“Monxton Lane” Boat 11) has not had the side growth trimmed during either the 2010/11 or 2011/12 winters or to date this autumn / winter.

(7) the majority of the spoil tipped on Boat 8 was removed during week commencing 12th December 2011 leaving a residue of brick, concrete and tarmac rubble in the hedge (for a length of approximately 70 metres.  Debris as yet to be removed remains in the hedgerow.

(8), (9) & (10) Resolved

(11) the fingerpost sign is broken off the post at the entrance to Bridleway 721 (Bryning Lodge) were vans / lorries undertaking building work have been parking / turning.  This has been repaired on a temporary basis.

(12) Resolved.

(13) signs (originally issued by TVBC) which request “dog owners to keep their animals on leads to protect wild life” are now considered to be “obsolete”!

Where appropriate, all reported for action to Peter Watson at the Countryside Service of Hampshire County Council.

During the past twelve months all of the footpaths, Bridleways and BOATS in the Parish of Monxton have been walked (some more times than others!).

FLY TIPPING can be reported by anyone to the Street Scene Team at Test Valley Borough Council who are part of “Customer Services” and are contactable on 01264 368000.

They require a brief (but accurate) description / quantity of the material to be removed together with an exact location ~ and are usually very prompt in attending to the issue.

Matt Casson and his Manager, Dan Smyth, are generally very quick to action clearance of fly-tipping in that they realise that if left for more than a few days it will attract more.

NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH – Things have been quiet in Monxton with no reported crimes.

COMMUNITY SPEED WATCH – No further news to report.


Cllr David Eaglesham reported that there were two invoices for payment :-

New Mirror £139.00

Parish Council Insurance £385.00

Cllr D Eaglesham and the Clerk will get together to see if they can reduce the Parish Council Insurance. The Clerk reported that his other Parish Councils had managed to get a very good deal with AVIVA on a fixed term discounted contract.

The Parish Council signed off the Accounts for the period 1st April 2012 to 31st March 2013. A copy of the accounts were distributed to the Members of the Public.


It may sound obvious but the hall doesn’t run itself. It is small compared with some other
halls nearby and has limited parking, so, in order to keep ourselves in the market for people to hire, the management committee feels that we should not increase the hourly rates but still try and keep our standards up. To this end, we have put on a few events for villagers to increase our profits in order to maintain said standards. To hold more social and Fundraising events would be nice but we would need extra pairs of hands to organise these. Anyone considering becoming involved in this aspect of village life, please speak to one of the hall committee.

In the past 12 months we have: fitted the hall out with a new ramp and toilet facilities for
disabled use. A key-safe system has been introduced to allow hirers easier access to the hall and to reduce the incidence of lost keys. Both the Ladies and Gents toilets now also have heaters and the Ladies is furnished with a Baby Changing Unit. We have also introduced alterations in the day to day running of the hall to make it simpler for the bookings secretary to do her job. One of these is to make all of our information available on the new Monxton interactive website, when it becomes available.

This will probably be the last time that most of us will see it exactly as it is, as we also have plans to continue upgrading your village hall. At the end of this month it is having a
makeover internally, with the curtains being replaced by roman blinds and all of the internalsurfaces of this main hall repainted. There will also be new plain drapes on the insides of the stage area, making that a more neutral space for any kind of performance. Hopefully these changes will continue to make Monxton and Amport Village Hall an attractive venue for hirers and those of us making use of it.

At a recent Monxton Parish Council meeting, one councillor requested a designated parking
space for disabled use. I have chewed over this problem and come to the following
conclusion. If we put up a notice, it looks as though ALL the spaces are for disabled use. We cannot paint over the space on the ground without the considerable expense of resurfacing. We only have room for 4 cars at maximum, so to leave one free at all times, when for 95% of the time, the one space is not required, seems impractical. So, my compromise situation is this – if you did not see it on your way in today. Whenever a hirer knows or thinks that such a space may be required, they can take this sign from the cupboard and put it outside, replacing it at the end of their hire period. Simples!

We have a small team looking after the village hall and considering that about half of them
has a day job, I feel that very sincere thanks are due for all the work and time that has been given in the past year by: David Hodgson – treasurer, Colin Wareham – maintenance, Sarah Norton – bookings secretary, Diana Jones and Richard Balding-entertainments, Jayne
Baugh – minutes secretary (now retired), Katrina Saville – MPC rep, (retiring). Penny Kitson
– new minutes secretary, Val Taylor – new member from Amport and Sarah Richmond –
new MPC rep. We hope that we are doing what is wanted by you all and if we are not –
please tell us.


Log book signed – no matters to report.


13/00426/FULLN – Retain carport – Windermere House, Chalkpit Lane, Monxton

The Parish Council had NO OBJECTIONS to this planning application.

13/00867/LBWN – Single storey rear extension with porch; sub-division of kitchen with 13/00866/FULLN  lightweight partitioning; the provision of windows into door openings to                      the rear elevation; the provision of a ground floor WC and Cloak Room; 1st floor door openings to provide master bedroom en-suite and external alterations to remove modern paving; railings and hard standing for soft landscaping and planting – Brewery House, Green lane, Monxton.

The Parish Council only received this application on the day of the meeting and needed time to look at the application in detail before making comment.


Cllr Katrina Saville and Cllr John Chaffey tendered their resignations. Cllr Katrina Saville stated that her family hope to move out of the village and that she has enjoyed her time on the Parish Council. Cllr John Chaffey stated that he has also enjoyed his time on the Parish Council and is stepping down due to personal reasons.

Cllr Mike Cleugh publicly thanked Cllr K Saville and Cllr J Chaffey for all the hard work they have done during their time on the Monxton Parish Council.

Cllr Mike Cleugh will take over a Chairman until the Parish Council is back to strength. The Clerk will inform TVBC of the vacancies so that the correct procedure can be followed to fill the vacancies. It was noted that two Parishioners have expressed an interest in joining the Parish Council.


CLLR MIKE CLEUGH – Reported that the new look Web Site is up and running, the web site is now interactive and totally different containing a lot more information. The Web Site is for the whole community and anyone wishing to contribute is more than welcome.

Cllr M Cleugh reported that a Barn Dance has been organised for the 15th June to be held at Monxton Village Hall and the ajacent paddock loaned for the occasion by Veronica Rushford Lund. Tickets will be limited to 200 for Adults (£12) and 200 for Children (£8) no tickets will be available on the night. The popular “Bucking Bronco” will be at the event and tickets are available from Cllr M Cleugh 01264 710276 and Victoria Cash 01264 712116.CORRESPONDENCE

There was no correspondence.


16th July 2013 in the Monxton Village Hall at 8pm


The Chairman closed the Parish Council meeting. The Annual Parish Meeting followed.



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