Monxton Parish Council AGM

It was a definitely a full house at the MPC AGM last Tuesday, with many villagers attending and seating rowed from front to back. The ‘hot topic’ attracting the crowds soon became apparent – traffic – especially the growing number of heavy lorries using the village as a route through to Manor Farm.

At times it was a heated debate. A mixture of problems, potential solutions and frustrations were voiced.

The debate over traffic – whilst a vitally important topic – somewhat overshadowed other issues. Katrina Saville announced she is stepping down as Chairperson after 6-years in the post (8 on the council).  John Chaffey is also reluctantly stepping down after 6-years for personal reasons.

So, what do you think? If you were there, what was your take on the meeting? What should we be doing about the traffic situation? Do you have any messages for John & Katrina after their years of service?

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One comment on “Monxton Parish Council AGM

  1. Linda Peters says:

    I would like to add a very sincere thank you to both John and Katrina for all of their years of hard work, unpaid and in the background, that they have given to the village. They, along with their fellow councillors have given countless hours on our behalf on numerous topics and problems and I did not think that any of them deserved the kind of comments thrown at them during the recent meeting.

    I agree that the issues of traffic calming and heavy lorries are very dear to us all, especially those living on the High Street and Abbotts Ann Road and residents have a perfect right to air their problems. However, I feel that the way it was carried out was not good. Whatever happened about asking for a topic to be included for discussion on the agenda, so that it could be given proper time and consideration?

    I have heard it said that “nobody knew about the meeting” – however, this is clearly not the case as there were over 30 there. Parish Council meetings are announced in Monxton Matters – on line. Of course, not everyone has the Internet and now that Monxton Matters is no longer available in hard copy, perhaps we should also have the dates available both in the Black Swan and also on the new village notice boards? These, by the way, will be provided because of a request at a previous council meeting.

    Our Parish Council does work and very hard BUT it can only do so much, mainly due to what it is allowed to do, which is generally to pass along comment to other authorities. The best way forward regarding traffic problems in Monxton, as a whole, is as a united village, as we were with the Tesco Megastore. If we want fewer and smaller vehicles coming through the village and I am sure that we all do, then we had better all get behind the council.


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