Meeting Between MPC/TVBC/HCC and Alpine Group

Meeting Date: 14/5/13

Present; Kelvin Barry, Trevor Barry, Stephen Barry: Alpine Group Directors

Ben Few Brown: TVBC Councillor

Pat West: HCC Councillor

Mike Cleugh: Acting Chairman Monxton PC 



Following the AGM and the anger expressed by villagers Cllr Cleugh (MPC Acting Chairman) called the Alpine Group’s MD on the 2nd May and arranged a meeting on the same day to discuss villagers concerns.

It was agreed following that discussion that a meeting with TVBC Councillor Ben Few-Brown and HCC Councillor Pat West would be held on the 14th May at their offices on the return of Cllr Few-Brown from holiday to brief then on the situation and agree the best way forward.

Agenda for the Meeting of the 14th May

1. Discuss the situation with regard to damage to properties in the village and potential to use smaller Lorries and avoid the use of large Lorries wherever possible.

2. Discuss Alpine providing warnings to suppliers/carriers who use inappropriate sized vehicles and sanctions against them in the event of damage to properties in the village or the village green.

3. Discuss the potential to use the new Monxton web site BLOG to get notification of and track incidents uploaded by villagers enabling a quicker response to the village and the supplier’s vehicles.

4. Monxton EGM – discuss Alpine Group attending the meeting to discuss villagers concerns – date to be confirmed.

5. Discuss the potential to move the site to a new location as their business is expanding.

At the meeting at Alpine Group’s offices on the 14th May the following actions were agreed:

  1. Alpine Group would track the movements of supplier Lorries to site and their size relative to the load.
  2. Alpine would assist any large Lorries with an escort if required from the top of Monxton Road to the site to avoid problems caused by new drivers of suppliers.
  3. Alpine are interested in moving their premises to a new more appropriate location.

3a. It was agreed that TVBC Cllr Ben Few Brown would meet with the Head of Business Parks at TVBC to discuss assisting Alpine moving their business to more suitable premises at one of the Andover business parks. (Action completed)

3b. It was also agreed that TVBC Cllr Ben Few Brown would meet with the Head of TVBC Planning to discuss the options regarding the re-development of the current site with a view to building a limited number of houses. (Action completed)

3c. It was agreed that HCC Cllr Pat West would investigate what grants might be available to assist with the move providing some apprentice ships were available.

3d. It was agreed that Alpine would engage a local architect/planning consultant to draw up outline plans for a planning submission for houses on the site, however will be a long term objective and may take a significant time to move forward.

4. With respect to damage caused to existing properties, Alpine offered to install wooden posts around the properties at the end of Abbots Anne Road in Monxton which have suffered from lorry issues (without prejudice) and repair any damage without any admission of liability.

5. Alpine would offer to repair the tiles on the RHS at the properties at the Monxton end of Abbots Anne Road.

6. Alpine Group representatives would attend the EGM dates/times permitting


All actions to be completed at soon as possible and a follow up meeting arranged to review next steps following progress with TVBC planning.

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