Parish Council ‘Election’

By Nick Simon

I posted the official notification advertising the 2 open Parish council posts on the website yesterday. After reading the letter, I wondered whether I really understood the process  for electing a new Parish Councillor.

So I thought I’d look into it…

The official notification Says “…the Parish Council will fill the vacancies by co-option“. Not being an expert on these matters, I looked it up.

Wikipedia says: “A co-option is an election in which members of a committee (or similar group) vote to fill a vacancy on that committee or group”

So, it looks like the Parish Council is entitled, more so required to vote in new members itself, without a full election.

If there are two posts and only two candidates, then the process seems pretty straightforward, whoever puts themselves forward gets the job.

But what if there are 3, 4 or more candidates?

Apparently, and according to the rules, under these circumstances the Parish Council itself will choose which candidates get the job. Furthermore, they are not required to give their reasons.

So how do the Parishioners themselves get a say?

It works like this – if 10 Parishioners write to TVBC and request an election, then a full election is held and we are all able to cast our vote, completely democratically.

Speaking with Mike Cleugh, the acting MPC Chairman, he currently has 4 expressions of interest in the Parish Councillors posts. Whether these people will actually put themselves forward officially, we don’t know, but it does at least show that there is some interest within the village.

So, what do you think?

Should be have an election or leave it to the Parish Council to decide?

Fill out the ‘Have your say’ section below and let us have your opinion.

You can view the TVBC Notification here>

7 comments on “Parish Council ‘Election’

  1. David Eaglesham says:

    Thank you Nick – it now makes sense –


  2. Susan McCausland says:

    I vote for a democratic election


  3. Richard Williams says:

    I vote for a democratic election


  4. John Chaffey says:

    I think an election is a waste of parish funds and the posts should be filled by the Parish Council


  5. Dot Chaffey says:

    I vote for the Parish Council to fill the 2 vacant posts.


  6. maggie1410 says:

    It’s about time this village had an election that’s the democratic and fair way


  7. Roland Colbourne says:

    I have served as a Parish Councillor on 2 occasions, the first was when Graham Leslie was the chairman and I was elected on, there were more applicants than posts, the second time I was coopted on as there was only one post. Graham was a stickler for doing things the right way. If parishioners are not happy about the way the Parish Council conducts the affairs then they should put themselves up. Up until recently it was extremely difficult to get anybody interested. It would appear that several parishioners are unhappy so go for it and good luck!


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