Monxton Parish Council (MPC) Traffic Update 14th June 2013

On behalf of Monxton Parish Council 

This post is to advise villagers that Cllr Cleugh (Acting MPC Chairman) met with Mr Ray Alborough, TVBC Senior Transport Engineer to discuss implementing a strategy to combat the traffic issues that continue to plague Monxton.

The solutions that TVBC have offered to implement are as follows:

1. Improved signage at the top of Monxton Road

Significantly improved signage at the 100 Acre roundabout to replace the current sign, which advise Lorry drivers who come down Monxton Road that firstly the road ahead is unsuitable for HGVs One mile ahead with one showing a recently approved sign by the Dept. for Transport of a picture of a lorry to assist foreign drivers of the condition of the road ahead. This will hopefully stop foreign drivers who cannot read English. It is not legal to have Road signs in foreign languages so far away from ports of entry into the UK.

Two other small signs which were provided by Goodmans are to be replaced one at the A303 junction, the second on the approach to the roundabout at the MOD which requests lorries to do a U-Turn to go back to the Business Park with   larger signs.

2. Vehicle Width restrictions

The lorries which come through the village break down into two categories:

a) Lorries going to Alpine Group and delivering to local people both in Monxton, Amport, Grateley and Abbotts Ann.

b) Lorries using Monxton as a route through to other destinations.

Mr Alborough confirmed that TVBC will shortly start the process to implement a 6’ 6” width restriction which will make it illegal for lorries using Monxton roads as a through route to other destinations. This will be an area wide ban including, Monxton, Amport, Grateley, Abbotts Ann, East Cholderton and Quarley.

Note1: This activity will require a minimum 6 month to implement as it includes a period of public consultation. Monxton and the other affected Parish Councils will be provided with more details as the scheme progresses.

Note2: This restriction cannot ban access by lorries to land and property within the area of the restriction. Therefore the issue of lorries going to the Alpine Group at Manor farm is a separate issue, which will require a different solution that will be covered in other reports.

MPC is totally committed to assisting the Alpine Group to move from the site and furthermore ensuring that the zone designation is changed from an industrial use to residential so no other company can come to the site in future. The small price to pay for this  will require some new houses to be built at Manor farm.

3. Implementation of a 20-MPH zone

Discussions have been underway with Mr Alborough (TVBC) regarding the implementation of a 20 mph zone in Monxton. We discussed the potential, the pre-requisites and the process.

To clarify the situation the power to implement a 20mph zone has very recently changed and now lies with Hampshire County Council not Central government.

There is currently a proposal for a pilot scheme across Hampshire; the one in Test Valley is to be in Floral Way, Andover. This area provides access to four schools and any many dwellings. Further 20 MPH schemes are likely to be subject to the success of the pilot scheme.

However, as Monxton has unique problems – with the High Street in particular – it was agreed that Mr Alborough would come and visit Monxton to see the problem first hand and undertake a traffic survey using radar speed measurement devices placed at strategic points in the village to measure the actual speed bi-directionally through the village.

Mr Alborough came to the village on 13/6/13 and inspected the potential sites with Cllr Cleugh to ascertain the best positions for the survey devices. These sites will be posts, carrying 30mph repeater signs within the main built up part of the village and by the village green.

In the event that the survey, which is expected to be undertaken during the second or third week of July provides data which support a 20mph zone, MPC will ask HCC Officers to start the process for a 20 mph speed limit. This will require the support of the local HCC councillor. MPC has spoken to Cllr Pat West this evening and she has confirmed that we have her support for the 20mph zone.

Any questions on this report please post comments to the website.

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