5 comments on “Notice of Election

  1. George Bacon says:

    How can this be regarded as either a ‘victory for democracy’ or good value for money when it is only half an election? Where do the current PC members draw their mandate from? Surely the intention of the disaffected was to elect an entirely new and ‘democratically’ elected PC. In the circumstances, the right thing to have done would perhaps for the entire PC to have stood down, or for just one more to do so, and save us the hard earned £1500. Did I miss something here? Looks rather a muddle still. GB


  2. Marcus Tebbutt-Ford says:

    When will we be notified of those standing? If only two are standing what provision is in place to vote for “none of the above” rather than have them ‘shoe-horned’ in without a vote? Thank you


    • We will not know who the electees are until after the closing date for applications. TVBC are handling the entire election process, and we (including Monxton Parish Council) will be notified after that date. As with all elections, there will not be a box for ‘non of the above’. Hopefully we shall have a number of parishoners who are volunteering for the posts – will you be one of them Marcus?


  3. The election is for two places only and the election was requested by 35 people who had written to TVBC. The current council could not all resign without the Parish then having no council for over three months and could not also then stand for the election as local government law states they must wait 6 months before contesting an election. Given the issues in the village (traffic and flooding, and the then-pending Megashed planning meeting and the request to arrange an EGM plus review planning applications) TVBC requested that the remaining councillors stay in place. The same situation applies if one more councillor steps down as it is required by law that a minimum of three councillors are in place for a quorum.


  4. maggie1410 says:

    I would like to clarify the above situation.
    A quorum is only really needed when making a decision at a parish council meeting. If there is not a quorum, which in a parish the size of Monxton needs to be min. of 3, then the meeting should not take place, also the 2 remaining councillors would not be able to co-opt new councillors on to the council. The parish would not be left floundering. To give an example – If there was a vote of no confidence in your parish council and all the councillors then stood down, the district council will then appoint people from the district council to run/oversee things until a new council is elected. This would not take over 3 months. They would then assist the new council if help is needed. This gives the village the opportunity to elect who they want on their parish council. Given that the present councillors say they will step down anyway in a couple of months which will leave the same situation as quoted above, it does seem that the interests of the village are not being put 1st. After such inactivity we now have some activity which leaves the danger of things being rushed for a quick fix instead of being done properly.


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