Traffic Update

HGV Survey:
Hampshire County Council Highways Department will be conducting an HGV survey in Monxton and the surrounding area in the next week or two. The cost of this will be paid for from the fines so far gathered from the infringements from the lorries delivering to the Coop distribution centre at the Andover Business Park. The report from this survey will be with HCC and our local councillor, Pat West, by mid August.

This will then be a legally enforceable width restriction (up to 6’6″) zone, unless the vehicle has a destination within the area shown (eg tractors, lorries delivering to sites, removal lorries etc), so this should help to reduce the amount of mis-directed traffic.
Width Restriction Map and survey sites

Unsuitable HGV sign with symbolHGV Signage:
New signs have been ordered by TVBC and will be erected by 15th July at the top of Monxton Road and in Abbotts Ann. These signs are also  more effective for non-English-speaking drivers and will also aid our quest to prevent lorries entering our village on their way to the Andover Business Park.

Monxton has been given approval for bollards to be erected in the village, particularly around the village green and neighbouring properties. This will help to protect buildings and walls from damage from vehicles. The Highways Department will be erecting and funding these bollards and they will be ‘suitable’ for a conservation area. The other added benefit of these bollards is that they will also narrow the road at the Monxton crossroads, therefore making it even more difficult for large lorries to go through the village, particularly up to Alpine Group.

20mph zone:
Monxton village is currently a 30mph speed limit area. However, Monxton PC is requesting to have one of the first 20mph speed limits in the county, along the high street.

This policy is so new that when MPC met the TVBC/HCC Traffic team a couple of weeks ago, the policy was not yet finalised or available to view either in paper or the website and as of today is still not published. These 20mph schemes are in a early stage of development and Monxton will almost certainly one of the first villages in Hampshire to have this implemented – if we pass the criteria.

The survey will use the existing 30mph posts in the village at both ends and the middle. This will allow the speed to be measured bi-directionally, at three points. If the average speed is within an 85th percentile of 20mph, a pilot scheme may be implemented.

MPC will publish more details as soon as we have an update from TVBC.

Alpine Group, Manor Farm:
MPC presented at the last Abbotts Ann PC meeting and AAPC have agreed to support any application for a change of use to the Manor Farm site to residential use, and to gain outline planning permission. This will be  long process but Alpine Group have indicated that they do wish to move location. MPC and residents are trying all we can to facilitate and speed this process in order to save our village from the damage and upset caused by the lorry deliveries.

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14 comments on “Traffic Update

  1. Peter Parfrey says:

    Excellent progress
    However if the proposed 20 mph zone ends before vehicles exit the village towards Grateley, this will be yet another incentive for cars to speed up before they ascend the hill out of the village.
    This serious problem was aggravated by the placing of the derestriction signs in sight at the top of the hill when the 30 mph zone was first put in place, and by subsequently giving drivers right of way up the hill at the width restriction.
    Full throttle and very high speeds are now the norm in the evenings, and average speed checks will not pick this up


  2. Adrian Drage says:

    I applaud the efforts here. But two things.
    1. 20 MPH zone. Unless it is actively enforced by the Police it will mean nothing.
    2. Re signs. What about the far end of Broad Road &Grately?


    • Tanya Gibbins says:

      Good point re: Broad Road, Adrian. Thank you.
      As we live in the last house on Broad Road before the National Speed limit sign leaving the village, I can confirm that many cars do not drive at 30mph past our house! They slow down both ways past “Greenbanks” on the bend, then put their foot down.


  3. Nikki Harris says:

    Good progress.
    The width restriction doesn’t appear to apply to articulated vehicles travelling to the alpine group (the main offenders) is this correct?
    Thank you.


    • I don’t think the width restriction applies to vehicles whose destinations are within the area. However, by adding bollards outside your house and others, and around the green, we are also automatically narrowing the crossroads and access points to Alpine Group. We are also working on trying to get Alpine Group moved to a more suitable location as soon as is feasible. Alpine Group are also looking to outsource (apparently) more of the large work so that such large deliveries are unnecessary. As has always been said, it’s a long process, not a quick event. Sarah Dowding (MPC)


  4. Ewan Harris says:

    Good news on the bollards and I will be interested to see how these physical measures will constrain access for certain types of vehicle. Will there be a consultation on the type of conservation bollard and their exact location? If there are options it would be good to be part of the decision. Out of interest are HCC planning to demarcate the original boudary of the green, which has been eroded over time by the turning area of large vehicles? This will certainly further constrain vehicular movement. Good work. Thanks, Ewan.


    • I have a feeling, although I’m not certain, that the bollards will be wooden posts, similar to the Drage’s posts. I will check on style and location. I agree that the original green should be demarcated and will also try and ensure this happens – although it may mean being there on the day to direct proceedings. Ewan, you’d be ideal for this as you can see when they turn up, if that’s ok? Thanks, Sarah Dowding (MPC)


      • Ewan Harris says:

        I will have an interest where they go around our property but do not wish to be responsible for the village green. Not sure if this requires engagement through the landowner or if HCC can conduct the work unilaterally. Either way I don’t feel this is my decision. I go back to one of my original questions with regards options for a conservation bollard, will MPC/residents be consulted on different types if more than one is available?


  5. Ewan, Don’t worry, HCC will have full remit to go ahead and position the bollards appropriately. Steve Spender, the HCC officer responsible, is currently on holiday. However, I have been informed we shall be given a shortlist of choices, which we hope to have for the EGM (date still TBC). So when we have all the options, we shall present them to the villagers for comment/choice. Sarah (MPC)


  6. John Chaffey says:

    The new sign as lorries come of the A303 for “Not suitable for lorries” Is up and has been for over a week it is a blue sign with a small blue lorry on it with a red line through it, I think it could easily be missed by all drivers as it is in my opinin to SMALL. I will be interested in other opinions as I am not an expert


  7. George Bacon says:

    Picking up on feedback from the EGM I wonder if the proposed outcome reflects that intended? A 4-5 house Alpine site replacement proposal now appears to be 15 houses with a tacit pre-approval from TVBC and an assisted business move. Given the Nat average planning figures of 2.5 cars per household, plus family and social visitors, could increase traffic flow through the village by a potential 20- 30 cars per day. On reflection, I wonder who has cut the best deal here?


    • The proposal for development at Manor Farm is just that – a proposal. We do not know what density the houses will be on the site, but it will be low density. However, as was also mentioned at the EGM, there needs to be enough money in the development to make it worth Alpine Group moving. Having said that they do want to do the right things for the farm and leave a good legacy.
      Traffic flow is one of the reasons I have suggested work-live houses or units, so that people can work from home, thereby reducing traffic movements. It is also worth noting that the cars will also head towards Abbotts Ann, not just all through Monxton. It’s the lesser of two ‘evils’, but surely cars are preferable to lorries causing damage? Sarah (MPC)


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