Lorry at Sunnybank 19 July

Friday 19 July at 10.15pm
Reported by John Chaffey, Sunnybank
“A Nordstrom lorry drove right into Sunnybank and drove up towards the play area and then back up the close 2 or 3 times before turning and going back out, lights flashing and of course reversing beepers going.  It was massive –  juggernaut size.  Tried to get picture but it was too dark.  The new ‘No HGV’ sign is too small, in the wrong place and not illuminated at night.”

2 comments on “Lorry at Sunnybank 19 July

  1. John Chaffey says:

    5.30pm Co-op lorry Tuesday 23rd July headed towards village past Sunnybank, must have turned somewhere and come back obviously Missed SIGN!


  2. John Chaffey says:

    2pm Big lorry turning at The Viaduct road back up past Sunnybank towards Co-Op.


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