8 comments on “Traffic Management Ideas

  1. Marcus Tebbutt-Ford says:

    As posted elsewhere – please let’s form a working group as mentioned by George Young et al to go through a process-led approach to the issue. I am standing forward to be part of that team.


  2. Sarah Moriniere says:

    I would be happy to be part of the group to discuss and resolve traffic issues in the village.
    I will represent the Black Swan Public House


  3. Sarah Moriniere says:

    It would be great if we could have representitives from all corners/parts of the viilage, so that as a whole we could agree on the best way forward to benefit everyone.


    • Good idea. So we now need representation from Broad Lane, Green Lane, Sunnybank and Amport Road – as well as the outlying areas such as Prospect Farm or Red Post Lane. Any takers please?


      • Lorraine Pullen says:

        Shaun and/or I will volunteer to represent Broad Road (previously Broad Lane)


  4. Peter Parfrey says:

    There appears to be 2 threads covering this issue, the other being “Traffic Management Ideas and Solutions”
    Would it be possible to merge these to avoid confusion?
    I would be happy to represent Green Lane on the steering group



  5. Marcus Tebbutt-Ford says:

    Good. Who are the five people? Are they representative of the length and breadth of the village? Let us organise our first meeting to agree the scope, the process, the deliverables and the timescale.


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