MPC Minutes 6 August 2013

Minutes of the Monxton Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 6th August 2013 in the Monxton Village Hall at 6pm.

Present :
Cllr Mike Cleugh – Chairman
Cllr Sarah Dowding – Vice Chairman
Cllr David Eaglesham
Cllr Judith Balding
Cllr David Bateman
Richard Waterman – Parish Clerk
Members of the Public – 10

Cllr Mike Cleugh welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced Judith Balding and David Bateman who were recently elected by the parish to fill the two Parish Council vacancies.

Judith Balding and David Bateman signed the ‘Declaration of Office’ form and were given a copy of the Monxton Parish Council Standing Orders, Code of Conduct and the Statement of Financial Interests form. Cllr Mike Cleugh welcomed Cllrs Judith Balding and Dave Bateman onto the Parish Council.

There were no declarations of interest recorded.

The Parish Council discussed and agreed the following portfolios :
FINANCE – Cllr David Eaglesham     – Proposed by Cllr M Cleugh and Cllr S Dowding
SUNNYBANK – Cllr David Bateman  – Proposed by Cllr M Cleugh and Cllr J Balding
TRAFFIC – Cllr S Dowding               – proposed by Cllr M Cleugh and Cllr D Eaglesham
ENVIRONMENT – Cllr Judith Balding – Proposed by Cllr M Cleugh and Cllr D Bateman
PLANNING – Cllr Mike Cleugh          – proposed by Cllr D Eaglesham and Cllr J Balding

CHAIRMAN – Cllr Sarah Dowding proposed Cllr Mike Cleugh for Chairman, this was seconded by Cllr Judith Balding. There were no other nominations. All agreed. Cllr Mike Cleugh was elected Chairman.Cllr Mike Cleugh signed the Declaration of Office for the position of Chairman of the Parish Council.

VICE CHAIRMAN – Cllr David Bateman proposed Cllr Sarah Dowding for Vice Chairman, this was seconded by seconded by Cllr Judith Balding. There were no other nominations. All agreed. Cllr Sarah Dowding was elected Vice Chairman.

The Chairman signed the minutes of the EGM as a true record. Proposed by Cllr D Eaglesham and seconded by Cllr S Dowding.

The Chairman reported that the EGM minutes are on the Web Site for everyone to view. The Chairman summarised the issues that were raised at the EGM.

  1. The new sign erected depicting that the road is unsuitable for lorries at the roundabout is the correct size. TVBC (Mr Ray Alborough) agreed to investigate placing the sign on a bigger backing to make it stand out more, he will also look at the possibility of illuminating the sign.
  2. Review results of the 20mph survey and agree next steps.
  3. Funds for violations of banned routes are being used for several ongoing schemes. Mr Alborough will push for nay funding left to be used in Monxton.
  4. Traffic Calming – to be discussed for further ideas – allow pedestrian and cyclist to have a cut through to be considered.
  5. Deployment of a sign “Unsuitable for Long Lorries” to be erected at either end of Chalkpit Lane? Mr Alborough stated that he will look into this and look for a suitable site.
  6. Vote on Bollard style to be used by HCC in the village – results need to be sent to TVBC and request for a plan of the locations to be provided for discussion.
  7. Request to Army HQ to stop employees using Monxton as a rat run.
  8. HCC suggested re-surfacing the crossroads within the next 2 months
  9. Sir George Young suggested that a Steering Committee is appointed to take the issues forward – 8 volunteers have come forward.

The Chairman reported that he has been in contact with the Alpine Group and will chase them to honour their pledge at the EGM to repair the damage to properties caused by lorries visiting their premises.

The Chairman reported that the Traffic Steering Committee will be chaired by Cllr Sarah Dowding and will be a sub committee of the Parish Council. The Committee will be bound by the Monxton Parish Council’s Standing Orders. Cllr Sarah Dowding reported that so far those who have put forward to be on the Traffic Committee are :
Marcus Tebbutt-Ford
Rupert Collingwood
Peter Parfrey
Mikael and Sarah Moriniere
Shaun and Lorraine Pullen
Heidi Carrie
Cathy Barbone
The initial meeting will be held on the 7th August 2013.

The Chairman stated that the Parish Council intend to keep the Monxton Residents informed of village matters, the recently re-launched web site is full of information and is updated regularly.

The Parish Council intend to have three, 3-minute slots in their meetings for members of the public to speak, however this will be subject to the villager registering the issue they wish to speak about 10 days before the Parish Council meeting, to allow councillors time to review the suggested issue and for other villagers to comment on the website. This can be done on the web site or in writing to the Chairman who will have the issue posted on the website for public comment.

CLLR DAVID BATEMAN – Reported that the footpath (BOAT 11) under the control of Manor farm is very overgrown and near impassable at some points. Cllr David Bateman showed the meeting photographs he had taken on the condition of the path.

Cllr Judith Balding reported that Bridleway at Hook lane (No7) is also overgrown and getting impassable in places. The Parish Council discussed this issue.

Cllr Judith Balding stated that she would be happy to speak to the farmer on this matter to see if an agreement could be sort to cut the path. Mr Alan King the Monxton Footpath Officer will be informed of this matter.

The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.

September 17th & November 19th

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