Nelson Lorries in Monxton

Many villagers have contacted the Parish Council over the last few weeks exasperated by the huge number of Nelson lorries going to and from the Georgia Lane site with vast quantities of material to build roads into the forest (to enable large timber cutting vehicles to have access for the removal of timber). Some residents have even mentioned that direct action may be required.

The on-going project to build the road infrastructure in the woods at Georgia Lane may unfortunately continue for several years, though we have yet to have any definitive advice from the land-owners as to how many years and how many lorry movements Monxton will suffer during the period, despite asking the question to the owners last week.

The owners of the site/woods are the Langdown family and the Parish Council met with them last Tuesday (15/10/13) following an incident in the village. Earlier that morning the MPC Chairman and another resident co-incidentally both followed a Nelson Lorry up to the Georgia Lane site after two Nelson Lorries passed each other in the village just before the bridge and stopped to chat to each other, which was caught on video by the MPC Chairman, as the stopped lorry drivers were causing a traffic jam in both directions.

The Parish Council would like to appeal to TVBC and HCC to intervene and ensure the lorry traffic routing is amended to ensure that Monxton does not have to endure all the Nelson lorries coming and going through Monxton. It is suggested that a one-way system is implemented and instead goes to the site via the A303 and Quarley and only (if necessary) comes back via Monxton (or vice-versa), which would mean Nelson Lorries would never meet in Monxton again, for a chat or any other reasons, and break down verges in the process as they try to pass each other.

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