TVBC Revised Local Plan 2014 – Important for Monxton!

TVBC have to produce a Revised Development Plan which will identify new development areas and make the planning process simpler. Their proposals are shown below and the MPC will be commenting on them on behalf of the village. However we would encourage individuals to comment as well.

Comments can be either critical or supportive as both are reviewed by the Government Inspectors who will review the Plan later in the year. For instance, the development/strategic gaps around Andover proposed by TVBC are important to us, but land owners and developers are pushing for the area between Abbotts Ann and the A303 to be developed (Little Park Farm): this it seems would be about 2500 dwellings.

Test Valley Borough Revised Local Plan Development Plan Document (DPD)
The draft Revised Test Valley Borough Local Plan DPD contains proposed policies for determining planning applications and identifying strategic allocations for housing, employment and other uses.

Latest update on the Revised Local Plan
The Revised Local Plan (pre-submission) was considered at Cabinet on 18th December 2013 and full Council on the 8th January 2014 where it was agreed to undertake 6 weeks public consultation.  The consultation will run from 9.00am Friday, 24th January to 4.30pm Friday, 7th March 2014.

The document is available by clicking here on the Council’s website.  Please be advised that they are large documents and may take time to download.  The documents are also available for reference at the Council Offices in both Andover and Romsey and at local libraries.

Any comments made should focus on whether it is considered that the document complies with the legal requirements and whether the document is ‘sound’ i.e. is it:-

  • Positively prepared- based on a strategy to meet objectively assessed development and infrastructure needs.
  • Justified- based on a robust and credible evidence base.
  • Effective- should be deliverable over the plan period
  • Consistent with national policy- enabling the delivery of sustainable development in accordance with the policies in the National Planning Policy Framework.

Only comments received during that period will be taken into account. Comments can be made online by clicking here or can be emailed to or sent by post using the paper response form to the Council’s Beech Hurst offices.

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