Neighbourhood Watch Alert: February 2014

    Hampshire Constabulary Re-organisation

    By now I expect you will have seen the headlines about the effect of the next round of budget cuts.
    Bob Combes, Chairman of Hampshire & IoW Neighbourhood Watch Association, represented NW at a briefing on 12th February, where the Police and Crime Commissioner and the Chief Constable outlined the thinking behind the proposed changes. He has provided some notes on that meeting:

    • The first budget cut of £55m was made mainly from ‘back office’ areas and collaboration with other Police forces –and it left local policing virtually untouched.
    • This budget cut of £25m will involve a reduction in both staff and front line officers.
    • “There have to be changes in what the Police do – and how they do it”.

    The Police seem determined to turn this funding crisis into an opportunity – and we can already see some positive points:
    • There remains a strong emphasis on supporting community policing and greater collaboration with our local Safety Partnerships;
    • Each Police/council district will have their own senior police officer who will focus on neighbourhood issues and developing effective partnership working ( NW mentioned in particular);
    • Rural areas will have dedicated police teams;
    • Community Police teams will not be pulled away for other tasks;
    • There will be no reduction in PCSO numbers.
    The full information is available by clicking here

    Alert: Notice to appear in court email scam

    The Business Crime Reduction Centre is warning people about a new email scam that threatens victims with court action. Fraudsters have been sending out legitimate looking spoofed emails designed to trick recipients into installing malware. The email says you have been notified and scheduled to appear for a court hearing, and contains specific dates, times, locations and reference numbers.
    It asks you to download a copy of the ‘court notice’ attached. The downloaded zip file actually contains an .exe file (a file that executes when clicked) containing a virus.
    The email has no connection to the Criminal Justice System and anyone receiving the email should not download any attachments or click any links.

    There have been no known reported incidents in Hampshire that NW is aware of, however it is worth bearing in mind. While it seems to be more business orientated, residents are as likely to receive the email.
    Further details including where to report this and any other fraud can be found by clicking here.

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