Monxton Pumping Station Update

Representatives from Southern Water and the Environment Agency came to the pumping station on Monday 3rd March and ‘Betsy’ has now started to over-pump.  This is gradually stopping our flooding and should keep us from flooding again in the short term.  We would like to thank Sir George Young MP, for his assistance, as this happened after his intervention. We plan to have a Monxton Flood Advisory Committee, to negotiate with the various agencies involved, to try to ensure that this does not happen again in the future.  

2 comments on “Monxton Pumping Station Update

  1. Miss Charmian Howarth says:

    Unfortunately the overpumping has not solved the problem further downstream. The manhole at the top of the garden at Brookside, where it connects with the main sewer,has been overflowing much more this week than it has been during all the previous weeks and has flooded a considerable part of the garden there. Clancydocra have now provided sandbags (p.m. Friday March 7th) and have dug a small channel to divert the flooding into the stream.


  2. djamescdr says:

    The back up of sewage reached Meadow Lodge a week ago and is getting steadily worse. A lady at Southern Water assured me last Monday that they were ‘doing everything they could’. Unfortunately this is clearly not enough and they are still losing the battle. What happens next?


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