Nelson Lorries

Far more fully loaded Nelson Lorries are coming through Monxton again– from the direction of Andover although they are also going via Quarley too.  In addition lorries with no attribution on either the cab or tipper, that on the rear claim to be Highways Maintenance, are also now coming throughout the village – from Andover fully loaded normally with soil.

Wednesday 19th March Nelson ‘serial’ offenders are: GN 54 KYV White Cab and Blue tipper; and the much larger CN 04 KNK White Cab and high sided green tipper.  Both of these vehicles have, on Wednesday, made multiple journeys through the village, loaded and unloaded.  Indeed when the driver of the former was spoken to at the Chalkpit Lane junction he denied any knowledge of the voluntary route restrictions upon Nelson vehicles.

3 comments on “Nelson Lorries

  1. John Chaffey says:

    Nelson lorries are still going past Sunnybank fully loaded this morning Friday 21st.


  2. Peter says:

    Just to confirm the original post
    Very frequent Nelson tippers travelling along Green Lane in both directions, many of them carrying soil and not aggregate as stated in the planning application.
    Steel lorries are now approaching the village from Grateley and Amport directions
    We also have a very large number of `enclosed` HGV`s coming into the village from Grateley direction.
    If the C0-0P is really catching and fining all offenders, then we should soon have enough to build a by-pass.


    • Peter says:

      I have just checked the planning application, and I stand corrected. The application states:

      8.4 The proposed construction works will comprise scraping back the existing tracks, and backfilling with chalk, subsoil, and crushed concrete. The tracks will be finished with a top dressing of topsoil, and drainage channels are proposed to either side of the tracks. “


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