Slow Broadband in Monxton

Monxton, sadly, does not enjoy the fast broadband speed that some other parts of Test Valley and Hampshire receive. And looking at the Hampshire Broadband map, nor are we likely to until after 2017! This is just not good enough. Most households in Monxton are receiving less than 2mbps (mega bits per second) and our line from the exchange at Abbotts Ann will support a maximum of 7mbps. Superfast broadband is rated to be at least 24mbps.

Fast broadband will enable you to:

  • Load webpages faster
  • Watch catch-up TV without interruptions
  • Stream BBC iPlayer and videos without buffering and interruptions
  • Download music and movies in minutes
  • Work from home more easily
  • Do homework online
  • Buy foods and goods easily online
  • Keep in touch on Skype and other social media
  • Access all these services at the same time using different devices in your home

Evidence of high demand will help our cause to get faster broadband more quickly into our community. So sign up here and join the campaign.

If we cannot get faster broadband to Monxton sooner than 2017 there are possibilities of self-funding. Monxton Parish Council has inquired to get more details and information. We shall keep everyone informed. But please let us know what you think.

3 comments on “Slow Broadband in Monxton

  1. Pete Weston says:

    Over the past week out Broadband service has slowed down even further, and our landline has failed. Has anyone else had a similar problem ? Has been reported, and hopefully being looked at on Wednesday.


    • I haven’t had any problems here. However, I have arranged a meeting with BT Openreach and the Hampshire Superfast Broadband program manager in April to discuss the options for Monxton. I shall keep everyone posted (online of course!) Sarah, MPC


  2. Paul Richards says:

    Excellent idea! I guess the army up the road has some pretty useful comms……I wonder if we could get them to be nice to their neighbours ?

    Sent from my iPad



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