Parish Council Minutes – 23 July 2014

Minutes of the Monxton Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 23rd July 2014 in the Monxton Village Hall at 7.30pm.

Present : Cllr Mike Cleugh – Chairman, Cllr Judith Balding, Cllr Adrian Drage, Richard Waterman – Parish Clerk; Members of the Public – 4

Apologies : Cllr Sarah Dowding – Vice Chairman, Borough Councillor Mr B Few-Brown and County Councillor Mrs P West

WELCOME – Cllr Mike Cleugh welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Cllr Judith Balding declared and interest in the issue of flooding and the Weir.

The Chairman signed the minutes of the June meeting as a true record.

Cllr David Bateman stated that the minutes recorded that “Cllr Mrs P West stated that whilst at the site meeting she noticed the terrible state of the drains on the Monxton Road and tasked Highways to get them sorted, this was done the same day and they are all now clear”. Cllr David Bateman reported that this was not the case and they have since been reported to Paul Walsh at Highways.

No slots had been booked to address the Parish Council.


APPLICATION NO: 14/00300/FULLN for the construction of a replacement weir at Upper Mill House, Monxton, Andover.

This application has been decided as follows: PERMISSION subject to conditions & notes

15 Despite many objections to this Planning Application being made to TVBC, permission has been granted. The TVBC Northern Area Planning Committee met on 15th July 2014 to consider this application and concluded that this development is considered to be acceptable because it does not impact adversely on the character and appearance of the surrounding area, flooding or ecology, and in these respects complies with the relevant policies of the Test Valley Borough Local Plan 2006. Therefore permission was granted subject to development beginning within three years and that it is carried out and completed strictly in accordance with the submitted plans. The decision notice and plan may be viewed on the Council’s website at

A report by the Wild Trout Trust for recommended works to the Pillhill Brook at Monxton

Manor is available on the Monxton Matters website.

This is a sub-committee of, and reportable to, the Monxton Parish Council.

In an emergency :-

  • If flooding occurs from the pumping station, please report it immediately to Southern Water on 0800 820999 or 0800 0276152
  • If flooding occurs from the Pillhill Brook, report it immediately to the Environment Agency on their incident hotline 0800 807060.
  • If it is not an emergency and you have been affected by flooding or have an issue with either the Pumping Station or the Pillhill Brook, please contact the committee member for your area who will liaise on your behalf with Southern Water and the Environment Agency.


  • Sunnybank & Andover Road – David Bateman. Email:
  • Chalkpit Lane & Broad Road — Judith Balding. Email:
  • High Street & Green Lane (South side) & Abbotts Ann Road— Adrian Drage. Email:
  • High Street & Green Lane (North side) & Amport Road — Paul Richards. Email: Epjhrichards(

All residents should have received a letter from Southern Water regarding their plans for the area, including their Infiltration Reduction Plan (IRP), which is being put in place for Monxton. An IRP is a strategy and action document to manage groundwater infiltration affecting the sewers in the catchment. One of the first IRPs of its type in the UK, it will be updated by Southern Water on a regular basis to show the latest information regarding the progress of work in the village to reduce infiltration. SW representatives were invited to attend tonight’s Parish Council meeting to discuss this document but it has not yet been completed due to requests for changes to it by the EA. SW have agreed to a meeting with our Flood Advisory Committee when it is available.


Cllr Balding has had three more meetings since the last Parish Council meeting with Southern Water representatives. Confirmation has been received that the works which have been requested by the Flood Advisory Committee, on behalf of MPC are to be done. These include:

  • Removing the chain link fencing and erecting a concrete bund with a close board panel fence on top of it around the perimeter of the pumping station.
  • Planting additional hawthorn around the perimeter to help screen the pumping station from neighbouring properties.
  • Repairing all damaged road surfaces and verges along Chalkpit Lane and the main road up to the bridge.
  • Doing all works necessary to rectify the damage to the field and surrounding area adjacent to the pumping station.

It was suggested that Southern Water are invited to the September Parish Council meeting to give a presentation. Cllr Judith Balding will speak to Southern Water.


The current work on the trees around the Village Hall has been completed and further works will be done at the request of TVBC in the future.


The footpaths were cut again recently and will be done again in a few months. Please report any problems with either footpaths or bridleways to Cllr Balding.



  • Subject: Ref 14/01527/OMAN Extension of hours at waste transfer station Homestead Farm Penton Corner. Objections need to go to HCC not TVBC
  • Fighting the lorries. Tactics: Residents to obtain photos & videos; Reporting accidents; Press; Re-designation of Monxton Road; Speed detectors


The Parish Council and members of the public present discussed this issue at length including a report on a visit to a parishioner from Sam Francis one of the TVBC Planning Officers. The Chairman stated that residents seem reluctant to report incidents with lorries through the village, without hard evidence it is difficult to put together a credible case against this planning application. The Chairman urged residents to please report every incident they witness, taking photographs if possible.

Cllr David Bateman spoke about the proposed footpath from Sunnybank to Red Post Lane. He suggested that Cllr Mrs P West is invited to the September Parish Council meeting to confirm exactly what is planned, the timescale and how it will be funded. Cllr David Bateman could not see how this will be achieved as highways do not own all the land and it will be reliant on landowners releasing land.   The residents parking at Sunnybank bungalows is completely inadequate. There would be plenty of room if the bank was cut away. If we are to get a footpath then this work could be incorporated in with this work. The Parish Council thought this a good idea.



Cheques to be issued in July 2014.

  • Mr B Pearce                          Fit Second Notice Board                     £25.00
  • Mr Clive Hutchinson        Grass Cutting                                            £705.00
  • TVBC                                       Dog Bin Emptying                                 £152.64
  • Mr N.W. Adams                  Play Ground Inspection                      £65.40
  • R.N. Waterman                   Wages – July (Standing Order)          £200.00



ACCOUNTS – 1st April 2014 – 23rd July 2014

Opening Balance BF      = £5,574.65
Plus ½ precept             = £2,600.00
=  £7,174.65

Wages                                =    £800.00
Insurance                         =    £388.45
Notice Boards                 =    £133.30
Play Ground Inspection =     £65.40
Village Maintenance      =    £705.00
Dog Bins                     =     £152.64
PCC Grant                    =     £500.00
=  £2,744.79


BALANCE IN BANK       =  £4,429.86


  • £1000.00 for Village Hall Refurbishment
  • £2000.00 for Traffic Calming
  • £1000.00 for Village Project/Maintenance



  • Application for retrospective planning for the bridge at Upper Mill House, Ref 13/01556/FULLN — permission granted
  • Application for a new weir at the junction of the old river and the mill race from Lord Tan law – permission granted
  • Langley erection of 3 storey 4 bed dwelling – 14/00154/FULLN —Appeal lodged by Mr King
  • 14/01292 /FULLN —Aviary Shoetree Cottage — No Objection
  • 14/1396 /TREEN Abbotts Mead, Tree felling – No Objection


VILLAGE GREEN CLEAR UP – Mr Clive Hutchinson quoted £500 to clear up the untidy area on the Village Green. The Parish Council agreed to proceed, although it was noted that Clive is very busy at the moment and it may no be done until the autumn.

VILLAGE POND – this was briefly discussed and there were mixed feelings on what to do with the area, it needs tidying up but reinstating the pond may cause flooding problems for neighbouring properties.

VILLAGE  VERGES AND WEED REDUCTION – It was noted that Hampshire County Council are not cutting the verges as often as they have in the past.


Cllr Mr David Bateman reported that there have been several incidents of Anti-Social behaviour in the village, unfortunately they have not been reported to the Police.


The Chairman reported that the Parish Council have received a request for funding from the Monxton Parochial Church Council towards the upkeep of the Church Yard and maintenance of machinery. This was discussed. The Chairman proposed that a grant of £500 was given towards the upkeep of the Church Yard, this was seconded by Cllr Mr D Bateman. All agreed.

The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.


17th September 2014 in the Monxton Village Hall at 7.30pm

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