HGVs in Monxton

Two lorries have recently been seen in Monxton, both using the barred routes unnecessarily. The MDs of both the companies are being contacted because both the drivers, who were “awfully nice and incredibly polite and remorseful, said that their employers refused to give them up-to-date sat navs”.

13/12 at 18.00

  • Eddie Stobart – KX63 MZF
  • DHL – CE63 KVL

Please keep Monxton Matters informed of any misdemeanors from any lorries, trucks and speeding vehicles.

One comment on “HGVs in Monxton

  1. Richard Williams says:

    What is so strange about large lorries parking in the High Street – this is a daily occurrence as shown by the picture below that was taken at 1430hrs today (Monday 15 Dec 2014). As those of us living in the High Street know, this has been going on for years and it is general assumed it will go on for many years to come until somebody (MPC/TVBC/HCC) does something about it. Expectations are low!

    Richard Williams Saddlers Cottage



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