Problem Lorry

Friday 30 January 2015 at 15.45 from the Grateley direction

A large lorry caused the usual problems and queues, and pulled in at the lay-by, just before the entrance to the Andover Business Park.

Foreign registration: OSP 7787 – “Roadrunner Traffic Solutions” with RTS Logo

Please do keep reporting large, lost or inappropriate (number, speed etc) trucks and vehicles.

5 comments on “Problem Lorry

  1. Tim Windibank says:

    We live on Green Lane. Estimate at least 4 heavy lorries marked NELSON per hour. Obviously carrying spoil to and from. Followed one through village last week, think marked BRAND, with lights permanently flashing and doing over 40mph.
    Terrifying and an accident waiting to happen.
    Causing damage to the bottom of our drive.


  2. D j s a withers says:

    Just a observation really.i have noticed that vitacress are sending a 40foot articulated lorry more and more down cattle lane under the bridge.dont think it is right do you.


  3. If Vitacress are sending the lorry to a destination on Cattle Lane there is nothing we can do about it. However, if it is using Cattle Lane as a cut through then there is a 6’6″ exclusion zone that is supposed to be obeyed/enforced. Please can you get the VRN of the vehicle, photo if possible and see if you can determine if the lorry is going to the watercress beds on Cattle Lane? Thanks


  4. Vernon White says:

    Lorries hurtling down Wiremead Lane from A303, despite sign ‘Unsuitable for Large Vehicles’
    Also increasing high speed of some vans & cars , seriously needs to be monitored too !


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