Parish Council Minutes – 21 January 2015

Minutes of the Monxton Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 21st January 2015 in the Monxton Village Hall at 7.30pm.

Present: Cllr Mike Cleugh – Chairman, Cllr Sarah Dowding – Vice Chairman, Cllr Judith Balding, Cllr Adrian Drage, Cllr David Bateman, Richard Waterman – Parish Clerk, Members of the Public – 6, County Councillor Mrs P West

Apologies : Borough Councillor Mr B Few-Brown.

WELCOME – Cllr Mike Cleugh welcomed everyone to the meeting.

DECLARATION OF INTEREST – There were no declarations of interest recorded

The Chairman signed the minutes of the November 2014 meeting as a true record.

No slots had been booked to address the Parish Council.

There were no new planning applications to discuss.

Cllr Mrs P West gave a progress report on Fox Wood/Pond Ground, Georgia Lane, Amport.

  • A site meeting with Tim Lawson from HCC and Pip Williams, the Enforcement Officer, has taken place. Photographs were taken as evidence.
  • There is a lot of mud on the roads due to there not being a wheel wash on site. HCC have swept the road four times and have pumped water from under the bridge. Mr Nelson has been asked to address the problem and to clear the road. A charge for the clearing work undertaken will be passed on to Mr Nelson.
  • It was noted that the verges are being destroyed by the large lorries visiting the site.

The photographs taken at the site meeting have been passed on to Paul Jackson, Head of planning at TVBC. The Enforcement Officers will be making regular visits to the site.

OAKCUTTS – It was reported that the Planning Enforcement Officer has visited the Oakcutts site after their planning application and appeal were both refused. Mr Flippance reported that the works being carried out comply with the planning guide lines for permitted development and in particular Class E.

ALPINE GROUP – The Chairman reported that the Alpine Group are signing the agreement this month and may move earlier than expected. It has been confirmed that up to 10 dwellings will be built on the site.

GREAT WOOD TRACKS – There was no news to report.

TRAFFIC – Cllr Sarah Dowding

  • Scalpings or similar requested for potholes down the road sides along Broad Road and also by the Village Hall from HCC Highways.
  • Ground works on the verge alongside Monxton Manor to be completed by the end of March 2015 by TVBC.
  • Village Gateways on TVBC list for 2015/2016, along with 30mph speed limit extension.
  • Damaged bollard on village green to be repaired by HCC Highways.
  • Still waiting for bollards around the small green at Abbotts Ann Road/Broad Road.
  • Community Speed Watch due to start very soon – at latest spring 2015
  • Police presence in the lay-by at Sunnybank slowed the traffic down.

ENVIRONMENT – Cllr J Balding

Test Valley Flood Resilience Workshop
Councillor Judith Balding was invited to attend the Test Valley Flood Resilience Workshop on the 29th November 2014 on behalf of Monxton Parish Council. The meeting was chaired by the Leader of TVBC, Councillor Ian Carr, with progress reported from Roger Testall, TVBC Chief Executive, John Elliot from the EA and Alan Williams, HCC Strategic Manager for the Environment, and Caroline Noakes, MP reported on her Ministerial visit to Romsey. There were various workshops including best practice from Shipton Bellinger and case study progress from King’s Somborne and Vernham Dean, villages which all suffered from major flooding last winter. The meeting ended with a question and answer session with a panel made up of representatives from TVBC, HCC, the EA and Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Southern Water
There have been no problems with the pumping station and Southern Water aim to finish work by the spring. The verges by the pumping station were repaired only to be driven over by a vehicle. Steps are being taken to prevent this happening again.

Footpaths and Bridleways
The stile on Footpath 6 has yet to be repaired, but there are no reports of any other problems with the footpaths or bridleways.

Although serious concerns about potential impacts on the environment have been raised about fracking, the government plans to allow fracking companies to drill under peoples land without their agreement, despite public opposition. In a consultation on the proposal, 99% of a total of 40,647 responses opposed the legal changes to give oil and gas companies underground access without having to seek landowners permission.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change has said it will press ahead with the proposals to simplify underground access for oil and gas developers despite these objections. This would give companies the right to drill at depths of 300 metres or more under private land without negotiating a right of access.

The government argue that the current ability for people to block shale gas development under their property would lead to significant delays and that the legal process by which companies can force fracking plans through was costly and time-consuming.



Payments December 2014 and January 2015.

R.N. Waterman                   Wages – December (Standing Order)         £200.00
R.N. Waterman                   Wages – January                                             £200.00
Clive Hutchinson                Grass Cutting                                                  £555.00
Mr B Pearce                         Play Area                                                          £  90.00

ACCOUNTS – 1st April 2014 – 21st January 2015

Opening Balance BF      = £5,574.65
Precept                        = £5,200.00


Wages                         =  £2000.00
Insurance                    =    £388.45
Notice Boards              =    £133.30
Play Ground Inspection =     £65.40
Village Maintenance      =  £1816.00
Dog Bins                     =     £152.64
Church Grant               =     £500.00


BALANCE IN BANK       =  £5,718.86


£1000.00 for Village Hall Refurbishment
£2000.00 for Traffic Calming
£1000.00 for Village Project/Maintenance

The Parish Council discussed the 2015/2016 Precept. It was agreed that there would be no increase in the precept. The Monxton precept for 2015/2016 was set at £5,200.

Cllr Sarah Dowding asked if the Parish Council would release the £1000 set aside for the Village Hall Refurbishment as they plan to improve the outside of the hall? The Parish Council all agreed and a cheque for £1000 was issued.

Cllr Dave Bateman advised no current issues.



  • Reported crime has been low in our areas over the past two months. In other parts of Hampshire, however, no dwelling crimes continue to cause problems, particularly thefts from outhouses and garages, the Police have had some success with arrests for fly tipping, and thefts of a Kawasaki mule and horse trailer.
  • With the arrival of cold weather and oil tanks being topped up the Police have warned again about possible attempts to steal heating oil. They advise ways to make the oil less attractive to thieves including; a ‘sudden drop’ alarm on the tank, a PIR activated light/alarm and an alarmed padlock.
  • The December edition of the Parish News include a more comprehensive summary of precautions.


  • Since the last meeting an alert was issued on the 4th December which was distributed in Monxton and posted on Monxton Matters. It covered some of the many telephone scams currently going around that I mentioned at the last meeting. HCC have launched ‘Hitting the Cold Spots’ and ‘Fuel Poverty’ schemes.

Cllr Sarah Dowding reported that a lot of litter was collected from the roadsides around Monxton Parish, particularly along Broad Road and also the lay-by between the Village and Sunnybank, and suggested that a rubbish bin is placed in the lay-by. This was discussed and it was agreed to purchase a rubbish bin and to get TVBC to empty it. The Clerk will organise this.

The web site is doing well – to date (Jan 2013 – Jan 2015) there have been 60,142 hits and 192 comments.

The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.


  • 18th March
  • 20th May – AGM
  • 15th July
  • 16th September
  • 18th November

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